years ago, when the only things you could watch were sitcoms and gameshows, i'd say to myself "i wish tv was just a guy installing OS/2 for several hours" and god damn i love living in the future

@m455 i knew it was gonna be comic neue

actually works pretty well though. nice choice

good thing on the internet: you can listen to 20 years worth of 'this is the modern world' episodes for free, and she tags title/artist/album/ for every song on the playlist

old drudge skeletons: spoopy
new drudge skeletons: π–Œπ–—π–Žπ–’π–‰π–†π–—π–

@severak for a javascript thing running in my browser on my old computer, the latency is remarkably low. great sound too!

@insom what a beast! i remember reading about this in computer lib / dream machines. i wonder how old the origins of copyleft & free culture licensing goes

you happen to see those scanimate videos that made the rounds on youtube a few years ago?

Selling my soul for the price of 1 poem. For more info, visit town and enter /home/malvarma/ or visit this link:

@lucidiot @m455 thank you both. i've never heard of weeds before. this is a great idea! an idea i'll keep in the back of my mind, and maybe do something with.

@m455 that's a neat idea, and definitely would save the hassle of picking a CMS, designing the layout, etc. Curious - are you going to publicize your RSS only blog somehow, or is it just between you and friends?

learned a lot more too. started reading old news articles about videotex services long gone. discovered a NAPLPS decoder for p5.js. went down the rabbithole of different vector graphics standards used in BBS doors. too much to list here.

ok i'll share this one thing. did you guys read the article about the silent Genesis StoryTime cable channel? the graphics were all NAPLPS being sent to old telidion decoders installed at cable tv headends.

good nite.

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so NAPLPS is vector graphics + text, with palette cycling options, and apparently some escape characters for making presentations out of different screens. there are no bezier splines, so you have to make all the curves out of little straight lines.

it feels like im designing graphics for public access or the weather channel.

(hello nj!)

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like, if you want to delete something, you cant just hit the delete key. you gotta select the shape, go through some menu, and pick "delete."

oh and "send to front / send to back" is weird to. you can only select two shapes and swap orders. and to confirm, you right click. wtf

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simtel is still around on and other places. i found the software, which is called microstar graphics editor. got it running in freeDOS. now i can make my own telidon style art. except the interface suuuuuuucks.

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i went looking for a more detailed summary of the spec, and found this old usenet post. but my next clue was in the first few paragraphs: the author had put some NAPLPS editing software in the simtel archive (an old software archive that used to be on CD-ROM and FTP.)

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