i run it through gscan2pdf to do OCR on each page. spectacular results.
btw, this book is from an 80s vegetarian cookbook, and its awful. got it for the weird cover. amazon.com/How-Without-Meat-Na


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before and after. doesnt take long to touch up and dewarp everything. maybe a minute of work per page. the scanning part (turning the page, lifting the glass) is tedious, but takes less than a minute per page. still slow compared to a professional solution, but it works (4/5)

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behold the worlds crummiest book scanner. but despite being made from literal trash, this thing makes decent scans. parts needed: old phone, selfie stick, glass from old picture frame, duct tape, cardboard box (1/5)

Thank you all who attended today's pixel party. I timelapsed recording of the whole session, and made some composite shots to show the canvas in various stages. It's all live here:


Latest draft of base 20 numeral system for Ngëh language. Feedback welcome.

back to Barfield.

i never see Barfield mentioned in lists of weird garfield stuff. it's like everyone forgot about it. i always fear stuff like this will disappear from the internet. thank goodness for wget.

show Elbe Spurling some love. she also did the brick bible. (bible depicted with legos) elbespurling.com/

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the "weird garfield" internet phenomenon dates to at least as early as 2006, to this thread on the Truth and Beauty Bombs forum.


this thread spawned the silent garfield meme (comics improved by removing garfield's speech bubbles), the garfield minus garfield meme (later exploited by Dan Walsh in 2008), and "garfield has crazy eyes"

even before this, there was the garfield shuffler in 2004. it goes way back

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as for what the oldest one is, i'm not sure. but this image was posted to a bbs in 1989.

does that count? well it's not really the internet. also, not really weird enough.

no im wrong its actually way too weird.

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what i'm scraping today: Barfield Loses his Lunch by Elbe Spurling thereverend.com/barfield/index (NSFW - bodily functions, bestiality, & death)

the "weird garfield" meme is still going strong today. but it has a long history on the internet. this came out in 2008, and it's not the oldest example by a long shot.

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