cleaning out an old HD and found a bunch of gifs with ancient timestamps. i must have downloaded an old bbs shovelware cd. i'll post some of the best. this one says its from 1988.

i like the style. not pixel-perfect like a video game; not realistic like photoshop. feels like a painter's attempt to transfer their brush skills to the mouse. probably deluxe paint.

repairing an old eeepc 1000ha and decided to decoupage the case. what distro should i put on it? was thinking crunchbang plusplus

old drudge skeletons: spoopy
new drudge skeletons: 𝖌𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖉𝖆𝖗𝖐

so NAPLPS is vector graphics + text, with palette cycling options, and apparently some escape characters for making presentations out of different screens. there are no bezier splines, so you have to make all the curves out of little straight lines.

it feels like im designing graphics for public access or the weather channel.

(hello nj!)

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like, if you want to delete something, you cant just hit the delete key. you gotta select the shape, go through some menu, and pick "delete."

oh and "send to front / send to back" is weird to. you can only select two shapes and swap orders. and to confirm, you right click. wtf

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simtel is still around on and other places. i found the software, which is called microstar graphics editor. got it running in freeDOS. now i can make my own telidon style art. except the interface suuuuuuucks.

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NFT collectors HATE this: Save thousands of dollars and reduce CO2 emissions with this one weird trick.

the beat for ndugu resembles his style, at least. he did play a lot of linear stuff.

not sure if this is supposed to be based off of a recording he did though. i don't recognize it.

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4 bars of one of the harvey mason beats on 606. plausibly something he would play, but not distinctly him.

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...but I don't always see the resemblance. like, there were 2 beats for harvey mason, and i thought at least one of them would sound like chameleon, or another song he's famous for. But they left me scratching my head.

even recreated this one with 606 sounds (one of the machines covered in the book). sounds cool, but it doesn't remind me harvey mason.

does anyone recognize this?

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there's a whole section with beats "in the style of" famous drummers. and not just the household names. fuckin harvey mason and ndugu chanceler!

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a book that lives up to its title. notations for stereotypical beats of many genres. most drummers will know these patterns already, but they aren't the target audience.

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the perfect gift for the drum machine programmer in your life.

(an analysis to follow. check the replies)

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