criticize my code. but don't use it yet. haven't picked a license. working on a foss "library" of dumb functions like this.

@TheThirdMan hello. what's a step-and-repeat? never heard that term before

@malvarma It’s a technique used to get the effect shown in your animated image. It dates back to the 1970s when complex graphics were made on analogue rostrum cameras using 35mm film. Here’s a good starting point if you want more info:

@TheThirdMan thanks! this is definitely up my alley. i've been interested in analog camera control since watching 'catalog' by John Whitney. someday, i want to reproduce those effects in processing.

when i searched 'step and repeat', all i found was a type of printed backdrop for red carpet events. still looking for some vintage examples of the animation.

glad you enjoyed! and thanks again

@malvarma If you want to see a museum piece from that era then you can do no better than Bumbles. It's a spoof demo of the techniques complete with deliberate errors (hence the name). Shame about the video quality but you'll get the idea of what was possible.

@malvarma No problemo! No one knows this stuff existed as it was rarely for public consumption. My involvement was “the programmer”. Kinda like a film or video editor but for multimedia (synchronising audio tape, slides, 16mm film, lighting, etc, all controlled by one computer)

@TheThirdMan that sounds fascinating. i wouldn't imagine a lot of that stuff would be documented. and even when there is information, it's usually about the tools and techniques, and not the day to day experience of someone doing it for a living.

@malvarma Yep, it's a bit of a historical black hole but Mesney has done a good job on collating other people's recollections.

There was a lot of mad shit going on back then. Experimental media and big budgets. Always a good combination.

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