literal (figurative) acid test (from the inform 7 test suite)

(to be clear: not trying to rag on Inform. this is a tiny, isolated example in a vast codebase, and it is not representative of the whole)

@magical ... I'm trying to figure out why this is in an adventure game engine in the first place

@magical what beautiful source code, thanks for finding these fragments

@magical It took me almost 3 sentences to realize I wasn't reading Inform 7 code (it's been a few years)


“Publication of the “literate program” of Inform, another long-cherished aim, may offer a sense of how the methodology of “literate programming”, developed by Donald Knuth in the 1970s and 80s, might feasibly be used for medium-scale projects by the standards of today’s world. Inform weighs in at around 300,000 to 400,000 source lines of code (depending on definitions, as always with SLOC measures), and it is a project with real users and needs. This makes it a real-world rather than a toy example, and one which seems to be the largest “literate program” ever completed.”


@rafial right? i mean i guess it makes sense that this would come out of the interactive fiction community

@rafial @magical Oh nice! As part of Y2K prep, I worked on converting a 200kLOC Perl program into a noweb LP, and unfortunately haven't been able to work on any sizable LP systems since.

@magical whaaaat? waiting for such a looong time is over ;)

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