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@sophia it can't be a windows pc, it says hp on the cover 🤔

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Fuck that's enough fediverse for me. Staying on tilde.town, where identities are acceptable and people aren't dicks to eachother

damn, reading some of the stuff going on in the fedi, which i dont look at often cause it gets nasty as fuck.

if you want to shit post about linux, then you should be allowed to do that here on mastodon. it's not for everyone.

use what technology you want to use <3

here's some of my hardcore, cellphone-recorded tildetownpunkrock music.

off key singing and all:


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Why is it getting colder god damn this northern weather

Let's go back to when we had to keep a little notebook of friend's domain names to check out on occasion

Just wait until we have planet prefixes on addresses

Swear I just shovelled like 30cm-high snow. Now the snow on the sides of our driveway is as high as me haha

@endorphant we should totally practice using pgp, especially since I'm using Gmail. It would be a good opportunity/excuse to practice. But I havent make a pgp yet haha

Lattes are just cow lactate poured into boiled bean water

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Just gonna market any hobby websites I develop now as "faster than Gmail"

@joe chinese cellphone lesson of the day:



approx english pronunciation of the pinyin above:
"sha si by ren"
(The "i" in "si" is the same pronunciation as the "i" in "sit")

kill whitey

After going at rust I wanna try out some manual memory management in C haha

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