@pho4cexa im gonna store that list in a file and then use (read) to read the string as an expression and then use the variablize thing on it to use it as like a config file where you can set arbitrary things to replace! itll be super cool i hope!

wait... i might have expressed this in my first post. it's late haha

@pho4cexa hahaha thank u! in retrospect i guess its not even turning anything into a variable but more so a key... or i guess a variable is like a key? its a reference to a place in memory which points to a value? i dont even remember im not a computer science major hahaha

@vidak yeah i honestly hve no clue how else i would do this haha!

i also started learning programming i think when i wassss... in 2017... so... uh ... math... when i was 28, now i'm 32 haha

@vidak i always forget that quasiquoting returns a quoted form, and always just remembered that it allows you to evaluate shit with unquotes, but yeah, i needed the unquoted and dotted form to return because the undotted form doesn't work with chicken scheme's string-translate, because it treats them differently than alists, even though they are the exact same i think haha

@vidak makes me so happy! before i was using a string format thing, but that doesn't play well with the user changing the order of formatting text, so this allows them to have arbitrary order AND allow them to add their own text names to replace!

chicken scheme comes with this super cool function called string-translate*, and i'm gonna use it for basically implementing mustache variables similar to python, so people can format their own html or rss headers or footers with arbitrary replacement values for my shitty website generator idea.

also, i think i'm getting better at quasiquotting, quoting, and unquoting yay!

@Simplicity_teal haha im not sure what that is but i guess i meant having an irc server that only allows connections if u have an account

my friends on my irc server are starting a community online conference for our little community and i havent even been keeping up because of work and the baby but im so stoked i could keep a place going on the internet that makes my friends feel safe happy and comfortable.

highly recommend starting a sasl-only irc server.

however i do fucking love emojis haha my brain just sucks at them when people try to use them as a way of formatting text or using them as conventions

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this isn't like shots at anyone or telling anyone not to do this, but my brain fucking sucks at reading text when one emoji starts each paragraph or bullet point or heading. like my eyes want to start looking everywhere as soon as i see them all over the place

@opfez a while ago i tested an irc bot i msfe by compiling it wih the -static flag on my debian laptop, and then copying the binary to my debian server and it worked without chicken install on my server!

@opfez yeah! csc -static

without -static the binary needs the runtime

why i use chicken scheme: a technical review by long-time user 

because of the name

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wait this was probably already done when stallman was out

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@vidak i think i am more addicted to the name hahaha

i got so caught up in making sure i could write portable r7rs that i lost the fun that scheme gave me, so here i am back baybeeee

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