NCSA Mosaic/1.0 (X11; MSIE 2.0; Gentoo; GNU + Linux x86_64; AOLBuild 1337.42; rv:99.0; Professional; with FrontPage) Hecko/20100101 Furryfox/62.1 Pineapple/545.2 (on pizza) Tildescape/5.0

how much would that user agent break websites


@l4p1n in firefox:
1. open "about:config"
2. accept the big warning
3. right click -> New -> String
4. Name: general.useragent.override
5. Value: Godzilla/4.0 (owo)
6. Profit (you do not even have to restart firefox!)

@lucidiot and while I see you're on tildeteam, are you on the IRC server ? :3

@lucidiot @l4p1n

Using the useragent-string of the Googlebot can be helpful on news-websites with the philosophy "We have a paywall but still want our articles to be found and thus don't block the Googlebot per robots.txt."
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