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2020 - We must adopt #serverless to solve all problems with kubernetes

something I need to remember:

"talking about things" uses the same energy as "doing things"

(also "arguing about things", to a greater extent, and "reading/thinking about things" to a lesser extent)

just cause i haven't done one of these in a while and it's time.

there's so much wonderful stuff in this world. there's flowers and bees and hammocks and light bulbs and and ice cubes and tomatoes and mountains and clouds and summer rain and thunderstorms and mattresses and soft blankets and there are people who use their platform to bring a smile to your face. i hope you see a cool thing today or enjoy something and just. let yourself be in that tiny moment. i love you.

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good afternoon folks get fucking ready for another patented revenant brain blast

hypertext makeup language

Haha il y a une notification non lue vieille de 2 ans sur l'espace client OVH et j'ai jamais été prévenu

fun late 2010's era internet lingo fact: there is no greater letter that accurately sums up so many different emotions in one go than "h"

Et nous arrivons à ma destination finale ! Retard de 6 minutes au départ de ce train rattrapé à 2 minutes

On notera que les toilettes de ce TER sont tenus en place par du duck tape SNCF

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I have a new user on tenforward.social which I believe is somehow triggering a infinite loop of instances fetching their profile/followers etc.

I can see this by looking at my nginx logs

I think its caused by the user puttin the "moved to" flag on their new account and old account:


How do I remove that flag from their new account?

hey, i've been up for way too long, thanks

Notification de Trainline : arrivée à 17h37

Notification de la SNCF : Votre train circule normalement. Arrivée à 17h42


Alors le TER Auvergne Rhône Alpes vu par un utilisateur frequent du TER Hauts de France :

C'est plus propre, mieux entretenu, y'a moins de trucs cassés, mais les racailles sont encore plus bruyantes.

they should pass a law that mandates every website be open source

Le contrôleur est passé, des idiots qui mettaient de la musique se sont calmés, et ils ont repris 30 secondes après. :|

Je me suis déplacé, je connais un peu trop bien ce modèle de train donc je me suis mis à l'endroit le plus calme possible, c'est entre deux endroits bruyants mais c'est toujours un peu bruyant :/

tired: wallpaper
tired: papier peint
tired: fond d'écran
wired: papier d'écran