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piggo aesthetic: scrolling and reading an article with the cookie pop-up modal open to avoid clicking Agree

Human body is 70% of water so we’re basically cucumbers with anxiety.

talking on the internet is kinda like stage acting, u gotta talk in an unnatural way just to get heard, and over-act emotions or people won't know how to interpret your mood/intentions, etc

Je suis en train de rigoler tout seul comme un idiot avec le touchpad Γ  distance de KDE Connect et la fonction qui fait sonner le tΓ©lΓ©phone
genre "oh mon ordi rΓ©agit Γ  mon tΓ©lΓ©phone Γ  distance et inversement c'est magique"

❓ have you signed in to #framagit @Framasoft using #gitlab account ❓
I got an error about APIv3 when APIv4 is needed :blobthinkingcool:

I dont know if I should ask for help to #gitlab or to #framagit or... is my problem (browser related).

I'd like to contribute to a project on #framagit


Y’all, do not ever use Groupon+. They monitor every transaction you make with the card you used to sign up, even if it’s not a transaction using a Groupon.

I know because I’m sitting at a restaurant and just got an email from Groupon saying I’d missed out on a deal. They figured out I was at that restaurant by tracking my credit card. I disabled it as soon as I got the email but they must have tracked me for months.


You guys know any terminal emulators that work like normal text fields?
Like if I press ctrl+a it selects all the text, or the cursor works like emacs, or standard copy paste etc etc

I was completely stuck in my writing since a few days but I have been listening to the same ambient music generator for over an hour at it gave me my inspiration

used up a whole page and two post its just to reflect on a much more interesting plot on my story.

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