how to pronounce @pho4cexa 

you don't

it is a text-only identifier that has no representation in speech. it is read and written, not spoken. like a spell with no verbal component.

if necessary one might translate it to a spoken language, maybe with a placeholder like "phocea," but the two words are distinct

(i'm not super serious about this, i just enjoy the idea)

🤔 what if most people's names had a somatic component

how to pronounce @pho4cexa 

@pho4cexa My name is! :waves arms around unintelligibly: 👋 🤠 👉

how to pronounce @pho4cexa 

@krowbar the "!" that you use there is a click consonant, right?

and emoji! so yours is a name that is impossible to pronounce correctly unless one is communicating vocally, visually, and textually simultaneously, well done 😆


how to pronounce @pho4cexa 

@pho4cexa re: Somatic pronounciation. You have to be very careful, though. Pronouncing my name is quite similar to casting "Fireball".

how to pronounce @pho4cexa 

@krowbar "hey there's a bit of smudge on your robe, near the pocket. wait are you carrying guano!? you know you can't bring fireball material components into my house!"

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