@sanqui If you're not already watching, i think the current stuff on Revision2020 would be to your interest. twitch.tv/revisionparty Seminar: BeRo, Why a yet another Digital-Audio-Workstation software project?

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i giggled at my colleague for saying "de·pre·ci·ate" when they mean "dep·re·cate" (as i used to do)

i just realized i'm still saying "det·trius" when i mean "de·tri·tus" since the first time i read that word 🤦

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Hat in Time artwork 

I tried drawing the Snatcher from HiT with my new graphics tablet. I've never drawn properly before, not even on paper, so I hope it's okay!
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<lkosov> For the record, if anyone wants to share anything I've written here, more power to them. <lkosov> But if you somehow make money, gimme some, 'cause I'm super-duper broke. :<

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wow a lot of my irc posts made it onto mastodon, enjoy a flood of boosts from @tildetown

Hey masto peeps. I am not dead yet. Just mostly lurking on @tildetown

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So, it looks like the swap file @tildetown disappeared so basically everything crashes when we run out of memory now....

@minerobber it looks like minerbot is eating up a whole cpu core... might wanna check that out.

Obligatory heartbeat toot. Goodness, I'm bad at social media!

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My Grandad's advice for safe driving was: "Always remember you're controlling a potentially lethal weapon". I think it helped me to take driving even more seriously.

Perhaps it's good advice for us technologists too...

"Always remember you're programming a potential platform for bullying and harassment".

"Always remember you're designing a potential system for mass surveillance".

"Always remember you're deploying a potential tool for mass social unrest".

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Advanced notice for TTW people:

The two horrifying CPU bugs are going to require that the server which hosts TTW be rebooted. It doesn't come up on its own, so if it happens when I'm not near a computer, (Hi, I'm on vacation! It's going really well, thanks!) then we may have a few hours outage.

I apologise in advance for this, and hope to make "come up after a reboot" a reality in 2018.

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it's a classic linux story:
get everything the way you want it, try to remove unnecessary things, break it all, rinse, repeat

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@jumblesale Microscope is a game about collaborative stories. Determine the scope, choose the narrative palate, create historical periods, then zoom in. Focus history's Lens to find out what Events took place in The Age of Enlightenment or play a Scene to answer what the Mad King gave in exchange for magic. You have to power to create or topple empires, people or gods - although they always may be revisited later. But remember, surprises are bound to occur. You may not know the full history yet.

Hoi @tildetown ! 😄 I'm interested in facilitating a single-session web-game of Microscope 🔎 lamemage.com/microscope/ - a world-building, group story-telling game! ⛰ 📖 Would anybody else be interested in joining? Zero prep-work would be necessary. Most likely on a weekend to accommodate as many townies as possible.

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