There was a blog post somewhere that turned me onto the idea of the Value State Dependence Graph as an IR and now I can't find it. If memory serves, it was generally talking about ways to view compilation as a search problem and had a list of interesting papers from the last ~20 years with brief summaries. Is this ringing a bell for anyone? 🤔

@kingcons Well, it’s not a blog post or short summary by any means, but the VSDG thesis does cover a lot of the ground you describe…

@jryans It does! I've been trying to get back to finding some interesting long-form (RSS) content to read so was curious what the person who introduced me to it has been up to lately. Found the original post:

@kingcons Glad you found the post you were looking, seems like a great summary! 😄

@kingcons You may also been interested in the recent flurry of research applying e-graphs to various optimisation problems, including compilers:

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