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It's been a little bit hard to figure out how to explain that my on-and-off hobby project for the last 6 years (with a 4 year break) has been a Nintendo emulator in Common Lisp.

I think that's because the emulator isn't the thing it's the thing that leads to the thing.

The real goal is being able to play a ROM and answer questions to help a constraint solver construct a _model_ of the control/data flow of the game. I don't know if this is possible. To quote Zero Cool, "Fucked if I care, man."

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Hi, I'm Brit. 31, cis/het white male, born into more privilege than even that descriptor signifies.

I write code for money but miss teaching.

Too much is important to me and I still don't know how to best honor myself.

I delight in looking at trees, watching dogs run, reading Milosz and Neruda.

I can soak in headphones for hours seeking beautiful sounds.

I instinctively distrust many social structures but I love people madly.

I'm anxious about change and always changing. <3

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Hi all, I've set up a new website,, where I aim to host technical articles and resources aimed at the more nuanced portions of emulator development not often covered by traditional 'how to write an emulator' tutorials.

The site's rather new, but I hope to add new content on a weekly basis. If you enjoy my technical writings, or are interested in emulator development, please check it out sometime, thanks ^-^

I did something good today. I got to give a graduation speech even though I'm not employed by the school anymore. And there were no administrative staff around to hear it or notice lol. It doesn't matter. I love my students. If even one of them is inspired to not give a damn about imposter syndrome and just enjoy learning about computers then it was all worth it. Just what I needed really. ❤️

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Shower thought: in the 80s it was more common to have a protocol rather than a single canonical implementation (e.g. SMTP).

Presumably this was partly due to the diversity of computing platforms then? These days it's often sufficient to have a website and a mobile app.

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In the 1960s, the ecological notion that "there is no 'away' to throw things" finally became widespread regards pollution, first stated by Barry Commoner.

In the 2010s, the informational notion that "there is no 'other' informatics ecosystem" on which security, privacy, or surveillance practices and principles apply is slowly dawning.

#security #privacy #surveillance #ThereIsNoAway

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This generation is such a strange thing to be a part of, because I feel like there's a strong desire to build communities that's equivalent in depth to our lack of know-how in building said structures--probably as a result of neoliberalism.

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WebAssembly not only lets you run the same code between processors and OSes, now it also lets you share libraries like they're all made in the same language you use! :blobcatsip:

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Now that I have the beginnings of a whole new computer, I'm at a loss for what to work on next. (One of the items is @haitch's suggestion of socket syscalls.)

Today's little mini-experiment: a program to print out random numbers in an infinite loop: Works fine on Linux or Mac, but only prints zeroes when packaged up with my kernel fork and run on Qemu or Linode. Looks like I need to do something to initialize /dev/random.

(More details:

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hey y'all remember when I encoded the hit film Hackers (1995) in 8M? and how it was entirely unrecognizable, low resolution, low framerate, and had no audio?

well, since then, Mastodon has upped its media limit to 40M

so, I present to you: Hackers (1995) in 40M, with sound, at 24FPS and full resolution! encoded with state-of-the-art tools and codecs for your viewing pleasure

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~✿* My history with JavaScript *✿~

*JavaScript introduced to Netscape*
:blobowo: "This is cool"

*AJAX appears*
:blobuwu: "Yes, useful"

*Early 'port X to JS' experiments*
:blobowo: "Haha it's a fun experiment"

:blobthinkingeyes: ".. um"

*Production software moves to webapps*
:blobnervous: "Wait"

*Electron everywhere*
:blobtired: "Oh no"

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I think there's a place for single-user operating systems, which have largely been supplanted by multiuser systems (Unix, unix-alikes, Windows NT and beyond, etc.).

I can see how this happened as a matter of convenience (it does solve some problems with single-user systems) but I think the cost of the complexity may outweigh the value when it comes to personal computers.

There is an beauty to knowing what your computer is doing because the only thing its doing are the things you told it to do explicitly.

I am just plain exhausted. But whether I get an offer or not I really enjoyed today. as somebody who still gets anxious as hell about interviews a decade in I can feel alright with how I did.

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we need to reclaim programming as something for everyone

we need to reclaim it as a thing to use for fun and as a personal tool, instead of something you learn for careers to impress corporations

computer programming should be a place where misogyny, sexism, corporations, and capitalism don't belong

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One of the biggest problems in software architecture, imo, is deciding where to draw the boundaries between components.

Theoretically, you subdivide into components and apis to reduce your effort when you later change your mind, which you will.

But subdividing itself is a technical cost, and at the start of a project, you really don't know where best to draw the lines - if you did, you'd already have built it.

I tend to think we should start small and only add boundaries as we need them.

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