we resent our parent's generation for being able to find stable jobs, afford a mortgage, access public services. the next generation will resent us for being able to afford to eat, live above sea level

@jumblesale I thought this was so brilliant I used Pablo to transform it. Is it Ok to share this?

@tellio @jumblesale

The work I've done to help inner city kids and families has been intended to help create a brighter future for my own kids and grandkids, too.

My generation, the boomers has accumulated huge wealth, talent and experiences, that could be spent trying to make the future more positive than what it's projected to be.

However, that will require deeper thinking, systems thinking, complex problem solving and more than a token commitment of time, talent and dollars.

@ajroach42 that's cool! i would also live on mastodon - sorry, under the sea - given the chance

@jumblesale I've been enamored with the idea since I saw Sealab 2020 on boomerang as a kid.

I would also totally live on the moon, if given the chance.

@jumblesale @ajroach42 a while ago, i was working on a far-future fantasy rendition of a/my city where it never stopped raining, and slowly flooded out the ground over generations. i ought to revisit that thought sometime...!

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