waiting for the ads to load so I can read the article respectfully

welcome to my german apartment. this is the corridor which connects all the sub-corridors where I do all my living

miss me with the hustle, what gets me out of bed in the morning is the bustle

of pokemon you think, "ok so what is 'pokemon' and how do I tell the stories from the past to these images which are stored in my shitty hard drive"

I'm the pippin of the group. the gigantic fuckup. gandalf getting tired of my shit.

scary fact: you're never more than three feet away from someone watching friends

do you have a little token on your keyring so you can unlock carts the supermarket without having to put a coin in? you might be white

might solve a mystery
or rewrite history
duck tales
year zero

can't believe I wasted all this time brushing my teeth when I could have been, er *checks notes* contributing to capitalism

in wedding ubahn station
on the u6 platform
there is a kiosk
which sells pretzels
with butter
and the butter runs through the pretzel
like jam in a doughnut

there is still magic
in the world

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