one day they'll throw a social media and no developers will show up (they are all dead due to the earth fucking dying)

paul: what's in the box?
me explainign smart phones: pain

adding "elemental weakness" to the "animal" template on "wikipedia"

smoking a 100 cigarettes a day to get put on the vaccine priority list

mans razors are called things like “the Wolfenstein Xillion Blade”. womans razors have names like “Somedays™ Personal Shame”. nonbinary razors are called things like “Mackerel Madness” and “What Happened To The $70,000 We Raised At The Telethon” and “The Hazelnut Man” and “Dog Mystery” and “French Gmail” and “Carole King Ex-Directory Phone Number” and “Super Sausages” and “Mind Your Own Business Andrew” and “Circumference Of The Average Tangerine” and “Booty Slammer” and “Terrible Evening” a

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