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ꙮ jumblesale ꙮ @jumblesale@tiny.tilde.website

tired: Internet of Things
wired: Internet of Being Kind to Each Other

thunderheads at dusk…
no one will follow me
a lonely heart

hello friends. i am on the tram going home. i take no pride in being back on this sad little isle.

hello friends, from sweden. sweden is a magical place where all of your dreams can come true. if you disagree, that is ok, we can still be friends x

hello magical friends. I am away now for two weeks. I hope you all have a wonderful time.

love from your friend
~jumblesale x

🙏 Reach down and bless up! We have achieved peer2peer social platform dominance in the ultimate quartile!

⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 '; drop table gender; --

and I'm looking for:

Re: Tech advice/kindness

tilde.town > anywhere else

fuckcoin, where the proof of work is @m455b swearing in irc. inflation is constantly soaring.

We don't need driverless cars.

We need less cars.

Check out my new and revised about page on tilde.town! tilde.town/~joe/about.html

jumblesale has attained nuclear first to market entrance and shall be rewarded with 1e1 church cortex hours and a promotion to key opinion leader

"that's weird it doesn't use java to keep track of my potty mouth." - @m455b

Mister steal your girl is on a mad one. Don't trust this cat. We are but mice.


it's mcm monday and my true mcm mvp this week is @karlen put this on a cron that runs forever because it's never gonna be not true

Keyboard nerdery part deux:

v special key for a 4 v special town tiny.tilde.website/media/_FkGJ