i know what you're thinking and that's right: jerry seinfeld IS related to steve buscemi in a way which i don't remember from that one season of the show

tony soprano and jerry seinfeld have the same mother which means they're brothers IN CANON

i used to code for fun, now i just code for misery

spookiest thing about october is how quickly yall want to get engaged with tbhwy

On our way to show off our Creative Commons licensed 3D printed knitting machines at Maker Faire Ottawa. They don't _super_ work well but who does?

happy histories
caesar: et tu, brute?
brutus, drawing knife: I drew you a knife :)
caesar: yaay this is the best birthday party I love knives :)
brutus: let's get pizza and be best friends forever and rebuild the republic :)
caesar: yaay :)

the snail gets up
the talk of the town

if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

in awe at how deep lossless image formats are, because anti-loss is pro-found

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