do you have a little token on your keyring so you can unlock carts the supermarket without having to put a coin in? you might be white

might solve a mystery
or rewrite history
duck tales
year zero

can't believe I wasted all this time brushing my teeth when I could have been, er *checks notes* contributing to capitalism

in wedding ubahn station
on the u6 platform
there is a kiosk
which sells pretzels
with butter
and the butter runs through the pretzel
like jam in a doughnut

there is still magic
in the world

maybe the last time you saw Star Trek: Data you unfurled a happy face and said 'good morning'

if abraxas were still with us, he would have enriched our lives in completely unimaginable ways. I miss him all the time.

really enjoying how quarantine is giving me more time to discover new hobbies. really getting into "smoking"

lost my job at the durex factory for not drawing cocks on the whiteboard

I was falling in love with an aviation energy manufacturer but jet fuel can't melt my heart

don't talk to me or my son ever again until we've had our coffee

coming out of plato's cave and I've been doing just fine

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