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Pooping at work while on the clock is the most ethical way to poop and is your civic duty

hello friends. i am moving to berlin. i hope i will see you all there. love from your friend, jumblesale x

do you remember when the sky wasn't thick with fallout from the ☁️ seeding? back before they still pretended that the earth wasn't warming? at least it's pretty in pink.

hello friends. sorry if you have not heard from me for a long time, i had a big deadline which i have spent every day for the last two months trying to meet. if i have not got back to you, that is why, and also because i am poor at being a friend, because i do not get back to people, and they do not deserve to be treated so dismissively. i hope you can be patient with me, and that we can talk soon.

love from

Updated my about page so you can read all of my zines, including the zine series "Galván in Portland", and also my first novel.

The theme for this fall is "Gold Generation!" I hope you like.

video James tries their best but has a lot to answer for

the inventor of video games is called video James (jean video games)

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