This seems intriguing:

"Founded in San Francisco in 2019, our mission is to empower you with great products you can easily customize, upgrade, and repair, increasing longevity and reducing e-waste in the process. Today, we are excited to unveil our first product: the Framework Laptop, a thin, lightweight, high-performance 13.5” notebook that can be upgraded, customized, and repaired in ways that no other notebook can."

vaguetoot / anxiety 

I don't know how to handle situations like this. What do you do when neither fight nor flight makes sense, but you feel the impulse anyway? If anxiety could be converted into electricity, I could power a whole city right now.

Yes, I know that sometimes people forget their usernames! But put that shit down at the bottom of the form!

Okay, rant over.

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What's up with the new stupid and annoying trend of putting something other than the password field after the username field in a login form? It breaks my decades-long habit of pressing Tab once to get to the password field. UGH.

Just finished reading the creepy short story "The Shadowy Street" by Jean Ray. It's so cool and weird and unsettling! I'm gonna read it again, though, because I'm not sure I totally understood it.

Hey, everyone! Nice to meet you all! My name is Josh. I'm just checking out this instance; I want to see if it's a better fit for me than some of the other instances I've tried.

By day, I do web dev and data science. By night, I tinker with programming and make a podcast called Public Domain Tapes. Here's my personal site if you want to know more:

Tiny Tilde Website

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