fell off the surface of the earth for a bit, we'll see how long i stay around this time

proposal to the Unicode people: "Vomiting" "Zero Width Joiner" "Rainbow"

also this is the lamest problem in the world, like "yeah can't work today, was doing math last night" wtf

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having this problem where i was working on an interesting math problem last night and now i'm at work and my brain really wants to keep working on the interesting math problem, but i'd feel guilty doing that instead of working so now i'm tooting about it instead

someone asked me what kind of music i listen to today and i just froze up and what is wrong with me

yeah i have a dozen games sitting unplayed in my closet because i bought them thinking they looked cool but couldn't find anyone to play them with, how could you tell?

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hate to admit it but at this point i should probably start valuing solitaire playability over all things when buying (board) games

still chasing that first high from when i got, like, 20 upvotes on reddit

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hit that star button so i can get some of that sweet sweet dopamine

i was feeling good about myself for getting up earlier than normal, then i remembered daylight savings

mental health 

DSM-VI to contain criteria for new diagnosis: Not-Depressed-Even-Though-We're-All-Fucked Disorder

like i just stepped on a tile and apparently it was an electric plant?

and don't get me started on the young ivories

too many plant related deaths

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wanting to play some spooky games for halloween

but then i remember i'm a little bitch

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