There is widespread consternation and outrage that the Museu Nacional was subject to extreme budget cuts and "reforms" during President Michel Temer's tenure in the week of the impeachment of his political rival, Dilma Rousseff.

The fire could have been prevented had fire hydrants been working on the grounds of the Museu. Unfortunately, the funding for that was cut by the Temer government.

Capitalism at work 😘

the most fucking infuriating thing is that an entire collection of artifacts from Pompeii and Herculanæum, the pride & joy of Dona Leopoldina's storied collection of Græco-Roman artifacts--artifacts that survived the pyroclastic flows at Mt Vesuvius in AD 79--were destroyed by four years of neglect and poor stewardship by a greedy and inept federal government.

other casualties:
-irreplaceable relics from Chimú, Lambayeqye, Nazca, Wari, Chancay and Inca cultures
-irreplaceable relics from early Mesopotamian settlement sites like Mari (which was blown up by ISIL in 2014)
-the only extant artifacts from the Marajoara and Maracá cultures
-millions of projectile points from North American, Mesoamerican and South American culture groups
-ethnographic and lingusitic data on some 3000 languages, including lost languages

@joe Utterly tragic. So sad to hear about all of this.

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