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me @ everyone on mastodon when i don't get the attention i so desperately crave

By far the best protest banner I've ever seen: "We're not from the left or the right, we're those from below who're coming for those at the top." #Chile

when a printer gets aroused does it get a 

an account with an anime character girl avatar is stalking me, threatening to post my nudes to cyberspace, if i don't send $4000 in dogecoin

Oh my God

I am not making this up

I didn't edit this

I swear on my life

I'm fucking rolling

tiny lesbian

great big hulking lesbian threatening to devour earth

The president's delusional assertion that ending aid to Kurds in Syria against a two-pronged attack by Turkey and Iran against Daesh is proof that he is a bumbling and incompetent tyrant with an unrealistic and unhinged view of modern politics. He must be removed at all costs, and any sycophant who defends him or his foreign policy awaits a flaming tomb

when me & the boys are asking president bush if it's true that the war in iraq is really all about oil

"have you seen The Onion today? Hilarious!" I say, in the produce aisle, holding up an onion, proudly showing it to the worried shoppers

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