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Updated my about page so you can read all of my zines, including the zine series "Galván in Portland", and also my first novel.

The theme for this fall is "Gold Generation!" I hope you like.

Proud Boys beat up my coworker's friend the other night and beat up my friend last night.

I hate that we have to live in a world like this now.

I can't believe they're going to fucking blow up Big Ben when the queen dies

fun facts about the assassination of James Garfield:

- Charles Guiteau bought the nicest looking gun he could afford b/c he wanted it to look nice on display after he killed the President

-the guy who arrested Guiteau afterwards was so excited to be the guy who arrested the assassin that he forgot to take Guiteau's gun from him until they got to the police station

-navy engineers invented the air conditioner so that they could keep the president cool while they operated

guadalajara en un llano
méxico en una laguna
guadalajara en un llano
méxico en una laguna
me he de comer esa tuna
me he de comer esa tuna
me he de comer esa tuna

people that know xkcd numbers by heart are the boomer versions of people that can refer to any dril tweet at any time

Roses are red
Peaches can be cloying
Luscious cat person @desvox
Is only slightly annoying

Roses are red
That fact you know
But the nicest hunk on Masto
Is a big boy named @joe

Roses are red
A boy horse is a foal
Did you know that @karlen
Is really British and swole?

Roses are red
But violets are cuter
Did you know that @m455b
Knows a way around computers?

Roses are red
Gummy candies are fruity
I’m just here to ask
If I can eat @alex’s booty

hey bby are you a cache file because you're valid ;)

My day yesterday:
6:30 AM: Arise
7:15: Commute to work
8:30-5:30 PM: Work
5:50 PM: Commute to book arts class
6:15: Arrive at book arts class
8:40 PM: Leave book arts, head to gym
9:00-10 PM: Arms/legs
11 PM: Shower, masturbate, sleep

I was super exhausted and depleted practically all day. I burned over 4500 calories yesterday just by walking around the office.

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