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me @ everyone on mastodon when i don't get the attention i so desperately crave


Upset about BTS not being nominated for the Grammys?

Usually you have to have talent to be eligible for nomination :shrugfire:

:) wholesome, friendly, kind

:^) a rake, do not trust him

(: no honor. he has pvp enabled

(^: deeply cursed, an enemy of my city

I want a British boyfriend for the singular opportunity of being told 'fook off ya saggy cunting fuckah'

I just don't understand why Donald Fucking Trump is still alive and my poor sweet aunt who never could hurt a fly isn't... life is so awful now

I am suffering greatly today. My aunt passed away after a brief illness. Her loss is devastating to my close-knit family.

You really don't know how close your family is and how much you love them until one of them dies. I'm absolutely devastated.

being queer is just enabling multi track drifting but for feelings

"you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink"
me, nodding wisely: yes sometimes horses are not thirsty


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