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me @ everyone on mastodon when i don't get the attention i so desperately crave

the surgery was a success, i am laid up in bed. please continue to pray for me.

I am also in need of groceries and medical supplies to supplement my recovery. If you can, please donate:

venmo: fadopapi
cashapp: $fadopapi

cw surgery ment 

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the cool thing about being a mother now is that i can turn people into moths whenever i want

having surgery on october 26. please pray for me

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portland protests 

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if u pay me $10 ill actually start reading this bullshit on my TL

i wish gay culture had more @alexander's in it i know i'd have a lot more friends if it were like that :(

once again the fediverse proves that it is no better than tw*tter by allowing certain extremely stupid goo goo gah gah yt computer people the ability to drown out/co-opt discussions in spaces they should have no access to

i see y'all and i won't stop seeing y'all

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all dates from now until the end of october are good dog ratings

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whenever someone on grindr says they’re “discrete” it means that they are one observable element as opposed to a continuous expanse of boy

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I have to admit I feel very sad things are the way they are.

I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own home, and that racists and xenophobes are everywhere

I'm having surgery on oct 26

I have a long recovery ahead, I'm hoping to put 2020 behind me

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