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me @ everyone on mastodon when i don't get the attention i so desperately crave

andy ngo was just looking for a bukkake session and stumbled into the wrong grindr chat

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hi im a tumblr witch. im 1/128th cherokee princess. i drink tea made from hot water & rose quartz. i sell human hair on i just got my ass handed to me by the almighty creator of the universe on the astral plane. hell no i can't read arabic. and yes. I Vote.

being a stupid fucking bitch on twitter to own the libs

adopting extremely boring and passé gender norms & traditions to own the fucking libs

refusing to put on pants to own the libs

shitting my pants and eating spoonfuls of mayonnaise to own the libs

writing my first and last name clearly to own the libs

taking 20 minute coffee breaks to own the libs

taking a massive shit at work to own the libs

leaving portland for good next year. thinking of maybe relocating to santa fe? we shall see.

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在中華人民共和國,不需要瘋子、怪人或不受歡迎的人。 他們通常被送到美國進行康復治療。

The tenderqueers have spoken once again

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