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Updated my about page so you can read all of my zines, including the zine series "Galván in Portland", and also my first novel.

The theme for this fall is "Gold Generation!" I hope you like.

*meeting a British couple*
Which one of you is the Wallace and which one the Gromit?

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rly feeling like kissing a boy on his very tiny paunch and holding him in my arms

Cry me a fuckin river George and Catherine my student loans are sky high and you're angry you can't take a cruise on the River Loire? Fuck outta here you fucking boomer

I have literal millionaires complaining about the tax rate being so high this year because Trump fucked everyone over. So all these fucking Boomers are salty that they can't take their eco-colonial excursions to Vietnam or Indonesia or whatever and have to pay out of the ass a shitload of taxes

Today has been very stressful.

My finances are in peril. A company is wanting to charge me $158 for 'bill negotiation'. I'm about to leave on vacation on Tuesday. I have one more day (Monday) working here, and after that I'll be free. Filing is sky high and we're running out of room. I also don't want to get on the hard concrete and wreck my knees moving files. Leg day killed me last night.

Tax season sucks!

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My neck, my back,
my event horizon
and Planck mass

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