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Self care tip: take some time to enjoy the schadenfreude of the NFT market collapsing

@eli_oat Found sfeed through you and I think it's the RSS-thing I've been looking for. Thanks!

I made this PCB vise out of some ground steel rod I already had and spare 3D printer pieces.

I cut a groove into both of those aluminium castings with a mill (which holds the board) and drilled and tapped into part of an old dumbbell for weight.

Adjusting the vise means having to use a 3mm hex wrench, but I have those on my workbench so this is no big deal.

Pleased to get some lightweight metalwork done.

Is installing WinAmp to browse my old MP3 collection a sign of midlife crisis?

Bingo: "We won't win people over by default, and we will make plenty of mistakes along the way. But we must recognize, and reject, the biases at play that cause people to belittle, ignore, and misunderstand any initiative that's astonishingly successful without making anyone rich." -

Added picom to my openbsd-cwm Linux desktop, for pretty drop-shadows and transparency effects. Is there a standard less-racist-term-than-ricing for this?

Went straight from a really, really busy time at work to four weeks off; literally posted an update to a project then shut my laptop down and put it in a drawer. Low key feels like I've quit my job (I have not quit my job).

Yes. Yes.

> [Sherry Turkle] advocates the "bricoleur style" of programming as a valid and underexamined alternative to what she describes as the conventional structured "planner" approach. In this style of coding, the programmer works without an exhaustive preliminary specification, opting instead for a step-by-step growth and re-evaluation process.

Sorry for the outage, the power went out for about two hours here, and the UPS was good for about the first 25 minutes of that.

paul: what's in the box?
me explainign smart phones: pain

I made this sheet metal box with hand tools -- I've never made anything out of sheet metal before, it took about 30 minutes using shears, a long brake, a finger brake, pop riveter and seamer.

also lol tree because ... it's always one level deep 🤪 ... should think before I post but also I refuse to think before I post this my brand now

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Deciding that my static site generator will use a format called `.insom` which is a bit Markdown but also a bit Gemini text.

First time trying to build a parser / tree in Rust. It's a learning experience. Lots of this code is pretty brutal, but I'm having some fun. The current thing for my ~ / Gemini / Gopher / Finger is written in bash so no matter how bad the Rust is, this is an upgrade.

Thinking of the art dealer who during WW2 sold Vermeer art to Herman Goering. After the war he was arrested as a traitor and his defense was that he actually was a master forger and they were all fake. Turns out he was and they were so the court said "cool, stealing from Nazis is cool". The lesson is, steal from Nazis is fine and cool

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