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@dibi58 wow the InfoMagic CD in your header image on your accounts -- oof -- hit me right in the feels 😀

Now to close the most browser tabs that anyone has ever closed.

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Just learned enough Verilog to output a VGA signal from an FPGA board that's been sitting in a drawer for two years. This went from overwhelming to actually working in around 24 hours. I'm chuffed.

Call for participants for a workshop: How to run a small social networking site with your friends

On the 13th and 14th of May, will be hosting a two-day workshop for groups interested in setting up and running their own alternative social media server.

Free of charge, but some commitment required! Remote participation is possible and workshop language is English! Limited spots, apply before the 15th of April.

For more details and how to apply see:

:boost_requested: Boosts appreciated :)

Excitedly opening my email to see which brands’ cron jobs have remembered my birthday

Just remembered how at school the only pen we were allowed to use was a fountain pen. What a ridiculous way to write. Now I'm an adult (with terrible handwriting) it's so painfully obvious that handwriting with a fountain pen takes more effort for good results. Why do we do these things to kids? 😡

This anecdote from someone who programmed the announcements in Lille's metro stations is lovely, even if it's on the orange website --

Felt like the only way to really show how cool this is was to make a video.

Sound system and touchscreen terminal dashboard.

Going to spend my time on the only social media that matters -- the comments section of this one-hour long review of Cyberpunk 2077 by Action Button, where it slowly dawns on people that this is actually just the introduction to a seven part series.

Doomsday (2008) really holds up on a second watch. So ridiculously over the top. If you wondered what it would be like if Mad Max and Braveheart were the same film, and neither had Mel Gibson in them, then look it up. (CW: Cartoonish violence).

✊ This box of Two Scoop was made around a week after the BCTGM Union's successful strike.

Computers were not a mistake, connecting the id of millions of people over long distances was a mistake.

A not-small part of me thinks that the timing of this and the Olympics and Ukraine and Ottawa is not co-incidental, but that's how I go down a dark rabbit hole that you can't really get out of, and I start to see bad actors everywhere. But also, for real, I feel like there is bad actor money behind it. :shrugfire:

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Honestly feel like this is how I end up paranoid. The sudden suspicious and _strong_ defund the BBC drive on British social media is one of these things.

The BBC is consistently one of the most trusted news sources, and it mostly gets to be like that because of the weird way it is funded. It would sure be great for more partisan news sources if the BBC were kneecapped.

(And I fully agree that their coverage of climate and trans issues has been awful and they have to do better.)

Off Twitter again. The bad outweighs the good. I'm kind of not sure about social media in general, but let's see if switching to fedi-only is a half step. I always feel like I'm being manipulated, even when the posts are things I believe in.

One of the weirdest things about watching the new coverage of the occupation in Ottawa is seeing pictures of downtown -- places I used to go every day and haven't been to in months or even years at this point.

apologies for anyone who saw an error while I upgraded to a new glitchsoc/mastodon version -- there was a security thing <3

Fun things in the post today: Gritty / Subism screen print and stickers from Today in Tabs (which is good and you should read).

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