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I used a motor from and wrapped the element in a thin sheet of foam, CNC milled out slots in the metal hammond project box, then covered that up with a laser-cut microphone motif and some linen to act like a pop-filter (kind of).

The whole thing needs a _lot_ of gain to sound good, and therefore needed better RF/EMF shielding than I am used to, which made up most of the annoying parts of the project -- but it was still only a single day from start to finish.

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New hand-built ribbon mic, featuring a custom case I'm pretty proud of. (Also it sounds good).

Downloading pkgsrc over a 115200 baud PPP connection and only getting 10KBps.

My first impulse was to debug it ... but no: this is exactly how fast thing were back then.

The duct tape is not an aesthetic choice (or at least, it's not _just_ an aesthetic choice). This thing was water damaged and came with broken hinges and a busted case. Tape, glue and soldering a new power connector brought it back to usable life. That feels good too. Buying someone's former e-waste and doing it back up. I'd repeat the experience but ... well I don't need another computer.

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My current personal laptop is a liberated Chromebook running regular Ubuntu 21.04, folded back with a nice bluetooth keyboard and a trackball. ngl it's making me happy to use it. A change is as good as a rest.

All languages with loops are now "turing-likes"

<strike> Netflix and Chill </strike>
<strong> Play Kentucky Route Zero and Cry </strong>

"You are fettered," said Musk, trembling. "Tell me why?"

"I wear the chain I forged in life," replied Satoshi's Ghost. "I mined it block by block, and hash by hash; I coded it up of my own free-will, and of my own free-will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?"

Musk trembled more and more.

"Or would you know," pursued the Ghost, "the weight and length of the strong coil you bear yourself? It was full as heavy and as long as this, seven Christmas-eves ago."

Distribution Religion by Dan Sandin (1978).

Instructions on how to build a modular video synthesizer.

Read the first three pages of this and tell me it's not a hippy alternate history free [soft/hard]ware licence.

Then just enjoy the literally cut, copied and pasted hand annotated document until you've had your fill.

"Put in your own method of returning energy to me here"

That was the UPS going in, Statuscake reckons 9 minutes of down time or, as we say in industry: one nine.

Cut off "to install a new circuit" and not for any financial reasons; to be clear.

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Do apps show admin announcements? I don't see my latest one on -- anyway possible ttw downtime while I install a new UPS _or_ definite ttw downtime on Thursday when my power is cut off. Whichever happens first! I hope you're well, downtime is punk af, ~insom

My input devices :ms_black_heart: they are forcing me to go slow to save my wrists

3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days of Linux on the Desktop

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