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We're now running out my basement. People's home feed are rebuilding on a new, empty Redis. The old one had its Sidekiq queue drained; apart from the home feed thing this should be a seamless cut over and way faster than it's been since Friday.

We are still sending HTTP from France to Canada, which is not ideal. So, I'll look at getting a VM in North America to be our proxy in order to avoid these oceanic voyages.

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The power was only off for `< $ups_run_time` so it would have been fine to have moved everything yesterday after all, but now that blocker is out of the way I can move it tonight or tomorrow.

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Okay, it's looking pretty good. Thanks Docker! But I am also having electricians in tomorrow so just in case they need to knock the whole panel off, I'll wait until the middle of the week to actually move ttw over. I hope y'all can put up with the sluggish speed until then -- I know it's annoying 🙏

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I am also aware that Elasticsearch is mullered. That might need to be rebuilt from the ground up, and ES indexing jobs are backing up Sidekiq which is leading to memory pressure.

Who knew that keeping a Rails app running was such hard work! 😅🥵

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The StatusCake monitoring for ttw was paused again -- I hate picking on software services but like ... it has _one_ job, and pausing an uptime check without notifying anyone makes it almost useless. I need an uptime monitoring service monitoring service.


I'm DTA -- down to -- Going to relocate our compute stuff from Paris to well .. Ottawa for now, and maybe pay for some uptime monitoring as I am currently getting what I pay for (nothing).

There might be some downtime. 🐿

We took a couple of hours downtime on tonight because the machine was in rag order and it's easier to do some maintenance while we're totally down.

I've moved from self-hosted to PostgreSQL to Amazon RDS. This is going to cost a little more (which is fine) but also add some latency -- not sure if that will be fine or not.

If the latency is really bad, I'll move the compute from Paris to somewhere in the EST timezone.

ok im high now and watching the Horse Cartoon but like
you ever imagine what it'd be like to have hooves

Listening to vinyl and sitting in front of my wood burning stove, not sure of my bougie level but I reckon it's a little high right now

Found the source of the smell of burning plastic in my basement.

number 5 -- November 13th Edition -- in which our protagonist discovers side-chain compression. (Also this is my first one that actually loops).

Finally got around to playing Exapunks and @nossidge from the past is so much better at it than me :(

Crazy that I used to think "Such Great Heights" was the best Postal Service song when it's clearly "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" smh

This is an aesthetic I forgot from my youth -- -- cassette players that look like the control panel from a tank.

number 4. time got away. (subtitle: i have a $30 reverb pedal that I love)

Hype Machine is just feeding me jazz this morning. I'll allow it.

4th Oct (Reaper Chord Gun, SC-88VL for Piano, Pico Voice for bloops)

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