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Fighting the "It all has already been done!"-feeling by screaming into the void: "But not by meeee!"

If Karl Marx were alive today he’d probably think “holy shit I’m 202 years old wtf”.

if i were the market, i would simply solve all problems, perfectly, with an invisible hand

I prefer reading on paper and I was glad to find out that Lulu still prints “Introduction to OS Abstractions Using Plan 9 from Bell Labs”

Man it's been a weird day.

I even spent an hour or two emulating a System 7 and System 8 Macintosh. Cobbled together a terminal-only Pi set up to run on batteries. Used Kristall on Haiku to read Gemini posts. Now I'm back looking at Plan 9.

I blame it all on you: fediverse bad influences.

Just tried the bbs (`nc 999`) and it's kind of small and pleasant ❤️ (I mean, it's no `bbj` -- but its minimal source is interesting too -- )

Here comes a new BBS:

telnet 999

Running 9bbs on 9front, come say hi!

I have most of the parts in my junk pile, is it time to give in and make a cyberdeck that I completely do not need?

❤️ Emacs too, fwiw, but it's not what I reach for when editing a config file on a machine with a 500 MIPS processor

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Nothing reminds you of cruft in your ~/.vimrc like running it on an original Raspberry Pi. I realised that there was a bunch of _large_ vim packages that I never use, that overlapped or that I never even properly configured.

All of this contributed to a multi-second load time for vim. What is this? Emacs?!?

"There are No Girls on the Internet" seems like a pretty tilde-feels relevant podcast -- -- things felt really wide open when anonymity on the Internet was _positive_ thing (which it is so frequently _not_, now).

One thing that I think helps make @tildetown (and other tildes) great is that you're just represented by a username.

You're not asked to fill in your real name, or upload an avatar picture. Just going by your Unix username is a kind of ~90's pseudonym.

Updated (no new content, just the last 17 years of posts fixed up and formatted into one consistent-ish site) and updated and even posted on Gopher ✅

Adding things to my todo list. Going away for three days. Coming back to my todo list. Muttering "why would I ever want to do this" and marking undone things as complete. Efficiency! The time I _didn't_ waste with mental rabbitholes an makework.

_Probably_ going to upgrade ttw to Ubuntu 20.04 tonight. Just taking some precautionary backups because I don't completely trust that things will come back up properly after the upgrade. If we go away for a bit, this is why :blobheartcat:

I'm not even working on this currently, just enjoying it as a primitive task timer, counting up from whenever I plugged it in -- so early 2000's aesthetic. a) The Matrix, b) Green on Black (see a) c) Frames, d) Fixed resolution (see c)

Thank you, former house owner, for inexplicably choosing an RJ45 joiner with only two wire pairs instead of four, damning me to 100Mbit/s.

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