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Thank you, former house owner, for inexplicably choosing an RJ45 joiner with only two wire pairs instead of four, damning me to 100Mbit/s.

The Fifth Element is still a great movie and has aged remarkably well. Mostly practical effects and a camp over-designed future vs. trying to be "realistic" both help, IMO.

@acdw The Vault was a fun few minutes, thanks for sticking it on Gemini. :blobheart:

proposed new osi network layer model
0. money
1. electronics
2. computers (do not touch)
3. computers (your problem)
4. computers (your fault)
5. feelings

tfw you get an email saying your TLS cert expires in 10 days and you think that's loads of time to deal with it

Handed back my keys to the old place. I am officially moved. I live in a box fort which is, itself, inside a Nepean farmhouse with fibre-optic Internet.

At some point in 2015 it looks like I tried to write a static site generator in Racket and the tool I turned to was quasi-quoting. I kind-of don't remember this. It's nice to keep a home directory around for a long time, and create an accidental archive.

I try not to get sniped into retrocomputing too much -- it can be a huge time sink I think I will enjoy but often don't. However, it was so easy to get the new Haiku running that I think I might make this VM the place I gopher/gemini and from.

My 3yo just started rattling off the names of all the stops on the Manhattan bound F train and it feels like he's singing a nostalgic song from a long sunken city

Feels kind of bad to be paging through this bundle going "nope, nope, yes" and writing off people's hard work but also I am not going to open hundreds of browser tabs to check every game out.

turns out you're not supposed to invite someone over to take turns at the new Zelda by saying "let's do some Breath play"

It feels impossible for it to have been a four year gap since I blogged on but I guess it is. I really spent two years being very active and I've been mostly-absent for almost twice as long as I was active. Time is fucked up.

Remember the year 2000 when all movies had "2000" in the name?
Who even remembers

Godzilla 2000
Dracula 2000
The 2000 Commandments
Around the World in 2000 Days
2000 Samurai
Miracle on 2000th Street
A Tale of 2000 Cities
2000 Angry Men

Turkish garbage collectors open a library for all of the books citizens discard in their trash.

Cleaning up my website archives (from at least 2003), and 2009 has a weird two month gap:


Ohh. My dad died and I did not talk about my feelings in public.

2009 Aaron would have used the fuck out of The Feels Engine, if it had existed yet

making up new numbers / and living so merrily

starting a recipe blog where i never get to the recipe part it's just 5000 words on the perfect fall days of my youth or whatever

Remember Airplanes?

I live on the flight path of an international airport and I was so surprised to look up and see a plane.

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