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Cheering for the 4CPU VM that ttw runs on. You can do it, little fella!

About to restart ttw with Elasticsearch enabled so grab something

`sudo apt install maven` wow today just got significantly worse

I thought about replacing my QPsmtpd install (Perl) with a more modern Haraka (Node) and then I realised it wouldn't make anything any better and it would be a bunch of woe and pain, and at the end all I can say is "it's not in Perl" and "it's newer".

So, I think that this counts as personal growth.

I massively over-exposed a picture of the Rideau Canal and trying to fix the raw image I ended up in "looks like it was take on a Gameboy Camera" territory. I'll take it.

Do we still like pictures of dogs? Does Flickr embed on Mastodon? Only one way to find out:

Thank you, a townie and a radio ham both sorted me out. 😍

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Does anyone have as few a like 2 XLM / Stellar Lumens they could send me to help me fix something I fucked up? You might have gotten some free from Keybase, where I'm @insom and also my wallet is GCRYCZTZIYUQHFMUFOIRERE4KSDGW2P22PFDXAINODPJ42XATGRILKBK

Yes, I feel bad for both asking for (very little) money and also kind of being involved in cryptocurrency but there we are.

Sudden fear that I haven't checked in on Masto for a while and that ttw is probably several versions behind but we're cool, 3.0.1 is still the latest release and everything is still basically working.

That daily "restart everything to avoid memory leaks" cron job is working wonders. Please invest in my self-healing infrastructure start up, thx.

> Burn the house adjacent to the garage down and shoot the landlord. Spend your rent money on bullets this month. It's the only way we’re going to sort this mess all out.

Sorry for the TLS certificate expiring. I misjudged my timezones, thought I could do it today and got a page at 8:30 :blobsad:

Well, Mastodon 3.0 is about to make being an admin more exciting.

@neauoire I really enjoyed yours and Rekka's XOXO talk 👍

Gonna go straight to Mastodon 3.0.1, do not pass go, do run db:migrate. 🤞

Kiva is one of my favourite things on the Internet -- I forgot about it for years and recently discovered it. A force multiplier for your giving.

Really hoping to not have this milkshake-ducked 🙏

Made a replacement KeySmart on the CNC. One side is hit with 800 grit sandpaper, the other straight from the router.

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