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forced to write a toot every day lest Rumplestiltskin come and steal my cellphone

How huge a dork am I? I set up Gitea and Jenkins on a computer in my garage and they do CI builds of my mechanical keyboard firmware any time I push a commit.

Honestly in the wake of KNZK, my best advice is to grab ten friends and just start your own instance. The fediverse is best when everyone has a "small town" to call home.

Google seems to think that only Enterprise customers deserve to control their own computers or have privacy. If you use Chrome, it's time to switch browsers.

coffee cup that says "don't talk to me, talk to the person holding the cup"

Still got a lot of yellow risograph ink on my hands. This stuff doesn't want to come off.

Pretty amazed that I never heard of this album or even the film but this Massive Attack OST from 2004 is fucking great --

MILKSHAKE DAN, WHILE HURLING HIS MILKSHAKE INTO THE SKY: Nigel Farage if i have to die you will have to die!!!
NIGEL FARAGE: Who The Hell Is That
BODYGUARD: that's Milkshake Dan, sir. he's a major player in the milkshake scene
NF: What

every shape is a triangle if you think about it wrong

Pretty cool that the EU chose "Winning Theme from Peggle" as the Anthem of Europe.

Thank you @vilmibm for the tiny pirate kingdom where you made us all guests.

(Image is Paul Ford in Wired talking about

I have taught my son that opening up the inspector on any webpage and adding "contenteditable" to the body tag allows him to freely type the word "butts" anywhere on that webpage and I have a strong suspicion that this knowledge will shortly spread to his entire school


> [Parent 22608, Gecko_IOThread] WARNING: pipe error (190): Connection reset by peer: file /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/, line 358

Just impulse bought a DJ controller with a translucent case and a garish green glow, and the YouTube search terms for it are full of 10 year olds DJing terrible pop music which ... well I guess the glow-in-the-dark should have tipped me off.

Bought a physical copy of Wired to read Paul Ford's article about why he still believes in (capital T) Tech.

Of course, you can just read it on the web here, too:

a man stopped in the middle of the road today, in his SUV, and got out - cars coming all around. He walked into the road in front of the car and bent down to pick up a hedgehog and move it onto the grass, clear of the pavement.

Well done Mr. Man, whoever you are. Thank you for taking the time to care.


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