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Understanding of any particular computer program ranges between the following two states.

- I understand this completely.
- How has this ever worked?

@insom a) Thanks :-)

b) Yes it's all tagged by me, so it's a bit subjective.
Here's the full table:

and c) When you're on, you can search users from the terminal:
~nossidge/code/tildeverse/bin/tildeverse -l -u ^imt$
~nossidge/code/tildeverse/bin/tildeverse -p -t poetry

These folks better get a move on, it's bad luck to still have your Christmas decs up on May Day.

a murder of crows, a parliament of owls, a shitload of ducks

I will accept ANY money from ANY lobbying interest group. It will all cancel out and I can continue working to make the sun illegal.

why do i have to wait until i die to have a carved stone

me: commercial opens with your car driving through the redwoods
car exec: ok..
me: and we cut to Matthew McConaughey behind the wheel
exec: mm ok like where this is going
me: and he pulls up to the woods and gets out and starts grabbing handfuls of dirt and leaves
exec: ...
me: and rubbing dirt all over himself and moaning and putting leaves in his mouth
exec 2: wait lets hear this out

Set up this thrift store find double cassette deck and recording some tunes from the Internet archive to tape. I think this is the start of a developing a retro problem.

@vilmibm @eft Yup modern browser support is a shame, especially as it's _such a tiny protocol_ it seems to me like it would not be burden to keep support working.

Other options:

There's a new promising one here for GTK3 --

VF-1 is Python3 and CLI, pretty nice -

You can build an old Mosaic on modern Linux:

The original curses client ships on Ubuntu in universe, too:

I have successfully defeated sql for the night. I am sure that tomorrow it will be back for revenge.

Hot take: gopher is not a failed attempt to invent the WWW, but its own crystallization of a coherent philosophy -- to present jump links between text files, without all the other bollocks. That makes it as valuable today as it was 25 years ago.

Oh well. That would have been too perfect. I think I might have a newer (but still 16bit) mIRC to try out.

Pretty much the two ultimate objects of desire are:

IBM PS/2 with the amazingly nice red toggle switch, running WFWG 3.11 with an NE2000 network card.

Apple Mac SE/30 with the carry handle and an internal SCSI drive. Maybe a SCSI Zip drive hanging off the external SCSI port.

HTTP is basically totally broken with vintage browsers but Gopher still works fine. Here's @vilmibm's feels page as an example, of course.

I'm going to bring up a classic 68k MacOS emulation, next. There is something about using 90's software on 90's OSes that reminds me of how much hope and wonder I had about computers and the Internet when I was a kid.

(We didn't have a Mac, and I was on DOS long after my friends got computers which could run Windows).

Windows 3.11 feels.


I spent the 90's raging against Microsoft and being a massive Linux and BSD zealot. I don't think I was _wrong_ or anything, but I wasn't totally prepared for the feelings bringing up a Windows 3.11 instance on the Internet was going to have.

Windows 3.11 was s pretty consistent experience. It was with Windows 95 that GUI designers really started being creative / ignoring all the HCI guidelines.

Tor's ebook club is giving away Cory Doctorow's book Walkaway.

Read the story of people that are no longer needed by the "zotta-rich" who own all the automated production, so they "walkaway" and build their own communities with open-source versions of the very same automation technologies that rendered those people superfluous in the "default" world.

We didn't need the net / completed projects, fragments / More needles went in

I laser cut this new grille for an old Studiotone Toronto speaker from the 70's. Pretty happy so far. GIMP and Inkscape though the original tiling pattern wasn't mine. (It still took clean up to be useful for this purpose).

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