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Phew. We have survived the social media apocalypse.

Made a little house for the router and switches and POE adaptors to live in, under the stairs.

@dzuk “In case of national emergency, BS1363 plugs may be deployed as caltrops.”

I have a lot ❤️ for They Might Be Giants's video for "Last Wave"

The song features lyrics like "we die alone, we die afraid, we live in terror, naked and alone" -- mixing a vulnerable song about life with the video for what I think is the most misogynistic garbage-song of all time is 👌

that's me on a scooter
that's me on a push. bike.
reducing my emissions

:blobthonkang: :thaenking: :thaenkin: :thounking: :thinkhappy: @instajelly & @lucidiot

:ms_d20: :ms_pinkpot: :ms_shark: and my favourite: :ms_dont_at_me: along with many other ms_ I could find for @townsandtaverns -- now adding emojis from some instances is giving me errors, not sure if that's a rate limit thing or what?

PSA: I will attempt to address the queue of new emojis people have requested this evening.

The hardest job in instance administration 😁

Super-blocking just based on weird follows. HMU if there's some reason I should not do this.

Finally updated my ~ -- literally a year since the last update. Please enjoy eight pinhole photographs I took. They are my first attempt at this technique and were captured digitally.

I drilled a hole in a body cap for my SLR, then pressed a small needle through an unrolled pop can with a pin vice, sanded it flat, taped it over the hole and voila.

(You could also follow me on Flickr -- even though it's centralized -- Flickr is a special place: )

Took the woof out for an extra long walk today, nearly two hours with stops for poutine and coffee (neither of those were for him, sadly) -- thought we'd try and stretch the fall out a little longer.

The first "proper" snow has happened tonight, so I guess we timed it just right. It'll still all melt away, but Ottawa looks lightly frosted. (We had snow earlier in the month, but it didn't even stick on the ground so it doesn't count).

StatusCake -> Pushover -> My Phone

I will now hopefully know sooner when things are broken. ❤️

The KRZ themed version of my tilde page was probably my favourite -- (without obnoxious "please remember to scroll" hints)

Cool cool, no idea how long this Masto was broken for, sorry friends. I mean(t) to use some of this vacation time to sort out proper monitoring for the site. Maybe I just need to sign up for the free tier of instead of writing my own thing.

the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

A shirt that just says "fuck" in the sega font

It snowed for five minutes today so you know what that means?


(Also the brand is "BeaverCanoe" which is ... way up there in Canadian points)

@karlen Good morning fam. Servers breaking and paging me are trying real hard to drag me back to BeST times.

Lol look at the cheeky signpost. I could hardly self dox myself more.

*Slaps maple trees outside his house* These bad boys can fit so many bags of leaves in them.

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