@nihilazo doesn’t the new Circuit use the same software though?

@selfsame had to check more than once that this wasn't your post. it's so exquisitely on brand for you. twitter.com/daisyowl/status/14

Every time there are fireworks my beagle makes for the nearest bed and pees. We’re not even in America so whyyyy are there fireworks tonight?

broke thru my burnout on the mud and refactored the crap out of the scripting language and database layer... i want to switch from flat files to sqlite and it turns out that all my preemptive abstraction guesses were wrong

but now the script language can do list expressions like

for @p in @here.players where @p.is_wizard do tell @p "Something strange is happening for wizards.";

Hah the auto white balance on my phone is correcting it to a kind of gray, but I assure you it is amber!

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Finally executed on the idea of an OpenGL shader that tints your whole X session amber. This way I can avoid buying an amber CRT from eBay that I do not actually need, just to tickle that nostalgia part of my brain and get it to leave me alone.

Shader gist is here: gist.github.com/insom/88c473a0

@tinyrabbit I enjoyed your 90% uptime post on your gemlog! I host a bunch of stuff from home for similar reasons (including a mastodon instance).

I did the math on power consumption and decided to move backups to Amazon S3 (out of my house) /but/ I moved my compute from VPS to my basement because Ontario's power is only 33% fossil fuel and I'd rather use that power than dirty power + carbon offsets that most VPS providers run on.

@m455 Fuck. Butterick is the whole reason I got into Racket, this is despiriting to read.

I had visited Felleisen's website the other day -- because he's the primary author of the Little Schemer, and didn't love what I found: felleisen.org/matthias/Thought

(Let's run an experiment on the PhD students and throw shade on _four_ women for complaining anonymously about linking to the D'Amore memo).

It's made me think about how weird to have a book give me joy when its author holds very different views.

I think Facebook and other modern social networking has given me as "gotta catch em all" philosophy. It's so easy to "collect" all the people I've know in life; on Twitter, on LinkedIn and on Facebook -- back when I used it -- but I wasn't doing any of the work to maintain those relationships.

When I left FB I thought I'd lose touch with some of those people forever. I probably have. Is it so bad that I no longer know how to contact someone from my primary school I haven't spoke to in 30 years?

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When irc.iol.ie shutdown, most of the regulars from there had moved to chat.phishy.net already -- but I still felt that maybe some old-timer who had gone away for a months and come back would not know, and we'd lose them to the community forever.

Then I didn't log on to phishy.net for weeks, then months, then years, and finally it's now gone -- given that its whole community effectively migrated away, it must have just been a burden for the admins.

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And that's okay. We don't need a permanent archive of everything. I like this instance, but if something happens to me -- honestly it's way down on the list of things that I need to care for. And it's just an instance. Hopefully everyone on here would find some new place and reconnect with their friends. Some people might never make that leap. Sometimes that's how communities lose people. That has to be okay, too.

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I was even thinking about putting some money -- enough for server fees for a year or two -- into a non profit org and transferring ttw to that.

In the end, I think the right way for me to think about it is that communities are _not_ permanent, they are more than the servers and the AWS accounts or whatever -- some of those instances lost data, some had instance drama, some had admins who just went "fuck it" and some just didn't survive in the cambrian explosion of social networking.

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The new Mastodon (3.4.1) lets me see other instances that ttw isn't federating with, either due to temporary or (presumed) permanent problems.

And in the four years since this started, there's been a _lot_ of instances lost :blobsad:

My initial reaction was driven by fear: how can I prevent this? I have backups and snapshots, but I'm the only person with access to anything. I could use ssss to share a password between several people I trust, or deputize someone ...

@natecull marca did say it in 2011 when it was _just a little_ less sinister than now. I suppose a16z's brand is so tied in him and his most famous quote that they don't see how evil it sounds.

@viktormadarasz Hi, sorry I didn't see your reply. It cost about 150 EUR for the parts from bumblebeepro.com/ and then I had to add the enclosure and XLR connector. I'd call it around ~200 EUR. It's _probably_ not worth it just as a microphone (you could buy a better one for the money, I'm sure), but I had fun and I use it daily for work.

@tildetown not sure if it's dithering or grain but I am here appreciating the texture of your photo, friend

@m455 The instance was set up April 4th 2017 -- a lot of people joined that day and I expect your first account did, too (or pretty soon after)

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