Well, Mastodon 3.0 is about to make being an admin more exciting.

@neauoire I really enjoyed yours and Rekka's XOXO talk 👍

Gonna go straight to Mastodon 3.0.1, do not pass go, do run db:migrate. 🤞

@tildetown can't believe I missed this. <3 you townies, thank you again for all you do @vilmibm

Kiva is one of my favourite things on the Internet -- I forgot about it for years and recently discovered it. A force multiplier for your giving.


Really hoping to not have this milkshake-ducked 🙏

Made a replacement KeySmart on the CNC. One side is hit with 800 grit sandpaper, the other straight from the router.

Someone has packaged up Quartus in a Docker container, bless them. This eldritch software can now be contained.


there were two kids playing football in the street and they kicked the ball and it hit my foot and they said sorry but they were not sorry

pleased to announce that for added authenticity, the HD remake of classic FPS game "XIII" will be released directly into the bargain bin of PC World

@pho4cexa for sure done this with VMs, not sure why you'd opt for ECS and containers over EC2 though. I'm probably missing some context.

Helen bought me this lovely print from her craft fair (directly printed on plywood)

Panic! at the Baltimore Blues Society annual picnic

@robey still works for me. Just waferbaby updating a page to include the fact that they have a second dog.

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