Mildly suggestive test image 

Same, on a 1970's Tektronix scope. If anything the image is -more- stable on this one, although in person it wobbles like there is some stray capacitance somewhere.

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Mildly suggestive test image 

Used my Raspberry Pi Pico to make a 256x256 raster display that works with the XY mode of an analog scope. One of those things I knew how to do in theory but that was a few pleasant hours of wiring and debugging to make work for real.

The version with a Z output (for intensity) refreshes at 100Hz.

@ajroach42 I cannot trust a review site with Amazon affiliate links. But affiliate marketing is the only way for review sites to make money, apparently.

Not to mention that a package my wife bought on Amazon (from marketplace) came with an insert that said they would _send her $5_ if she left a 5 star review and emailed them a screenshot.

Yesterday, I mentioned that someone was in Pittsburgh and then I wasn't sure if it _was_ Pittsburgh and ended up typing "where do people who say yinz come from" in a search.

Today I broke ttw by setting the DNS to go back to its old server while I move the DNS records to DigitalOcean.

I am done running my own BIND, and I am too stuck in my ways to learn something other than BIND.

A mario is just a marioid in the category of italofunctors

@pho4cexa oh no! It's a great film, I think I've watched it three times already. Snow Crash meets Night of the Living Dead vibes

That feeling when you're idly playing with a throwing knife while doing something else and then you drop it and you have a moment of terror that you're going to cut yourself and it was all avoidable because you could literally just play with anything else on your desk which isn't sharp but then it glances off the side of something and you're okay so the cycle repeats.

@nihilazo I'm a huge fan and the tone of the zines is exactly right. I also think EXA is gateway to Forth - makes you think about how much you can do with like a dozen words and three registers

i deeply respect having a homepage that's a ~ and not a unique domain


@nihilazo iktf. I'm pretty scared of side effects (also law breaking and the production quality of illegal drugs, too) but it's something I'd like to experience. Sounds like progress is finally being made on using it therapeutically again.

Seeing someone read a book you love is seeing a book recommend a person.

@epi I work for a publicly traded web company so I have lost the ability to tell if this is satire or something we would actually do.

So wild to think that Smalltalk expected you to ship the whole runtime image environment to users. How impractical!

Anyway, if anyone needs me I'll be downloading an complete tarred up Linux machine from Docker Hub so that I can run a WordPress Blog.

played in live from a novation circuit so dawless i guess?

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number 7, january 2021 and still not giving up until i do 31 edition.

Updated my Gemini, finger and ~town homepage (although the ~town update is just the same as the finger one, so -- that's a pro-tip to save yourself some bytes, there)

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