I'm not even working on this currently, just enjoying it as a primitive task timer, counting up from whenever I plugged it in

matrixresolutions.com/ -- so early 2000's aesthetic. a) The Matrix, b) Green on Black (see a) c) Frames, d) Fixed resolution (see c)

Thank you, former house owner, for inexplicably choosing an RJ45 joiner with only two wire pairs instead of four, damning me to 100Mbit/s.

@fribbledom It's still a silo but I am so happy that gravatar exists and is still widely used. _At least_ I'm not uploading a JPEG of my face every time I want to comment on a website...

The Fifth Element is still a great movie and has aged remarkably well. Mostly practical effects and a camp over-designed future vs. trying to be "realistic" both help, IMO.

@dozens Using an API client is still a usable experience; I started using Tweetbot. I cannot use the web interface. It's bafflingly bad and increases the toxicity because the most engaging (i.e. inflammatory) posts always get pushed to the top.

@acdw The Vault was a fun few minutes, thanks for sticking it on Gemini. :blobheart:

@astrid What is this? Funny how there's something about that shade of green solder mask that screams vintage. Did they start off that colour or get darker with age?

proposed new osi network layer model
0. money
1. electronics
2. computers (do not touch)
3. computers (your problem)
4. computers (your fault)
5. feelings

@tindall It arrived and it is fun. I was only testing it and then I spent like 15 minutes routing it through a band-pass and playing with resonance and mixing it with things. (All without changing the original sample yet ...). :blobheartcat:

tfw you get an email saying your TLS cert expires in 10 days and you think that's loads of time to deal with it

@dozens rough. take care of yourself, thank you for writing so publicly and personally

Handed back my keys to the old place. I am officially moved. I live in a box fort which is, itself, inside a Nepean farmhouse with fibre-optic Internet.

@rjt "No" was a bit strong. Let's pretend I said "Yes, and also"

@tomasino Thanks, I got it done. The hard part was figuring out what installs `qmake` on Haiku :blobwoah: tiny.tilde.website/@insom/1043

@rjt I saw this via @tomasino 's video on Gemini and it looks cool. Getting a Qt5 build environment is a little off putting, but you've convinced me to try anyway

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