@pho4cexa Oh man, I feel the same. I've already lived long enough for this, seeing internethistory.ie/ and the story of the O'Byrne brothers (who I knew, one of them quite well) techarchives.irish/how-the-int -- it's like being Rosencrantz and/or Guildenstern to the main characters of Internet history :D

dont 👏 call 👏 yourself 👏 horny 👏 if 👏 have 👏 no 👏 horns

it's been 

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it's been 

@neauoire @cancel (much later than the (System 7?) version you're running, of course)

@neauoire @cancel I was obsessed with Frontier, bought into the Scripting News hype and thought that these kind of 4GL-but-for-the-web things were the future.

Just built Castor (the gemini/gopher/finger browser) in a Docker container on a remote host because I didn't want to install all the build deps on my tiny Chromebook running Ubuntu Bionic and the darn thing worked first time! <3 @julienxx

stack overflow for dogs

2849 when will my human return?

An East German built this computer using a book back in the early 80s. He had to make trips to West Berlin to buy the RAM chips using a day pass. It's a Z80 clone based around the MME U880.

Well, while ignoring the news as much as possible and staying indoors I've finally gotten around to designing a Eurorack PSU that I like. One day, some day, it will come from Oregon to Ottawa to be populated.

imagine a boot not stomping on your face forever

"In the 21st century, as long as you’re operating within the bounds of the state of the art, programming can feel delightfully Lego-like. All you have to do is rake your fingers through the bin."

This is a lovely sentiment, from robinsloan.com/notes/home-cook -- a counterpoint to the idea that our Gemfiles and package.json's are pointlessly overflowing and people have forgotten how to write `leftpad`

Listening to the MIDI soundtrack from Doom on an Roland SC-88VL (similar to the SC-55 it targets). Holy wow. This sounds amazing _now_, it would have been mind-blowing in 1993.

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