@m0ofx oh man, yeah. Not just on YouTube but on phone :/

Remembering that time my dad bought a CD before we had a CD player -- tilde.town/~insom/

@nihilazo @heatherhorns These are great! :BlobhajHugFullBody: I've also put a .tar.gz up at insm.cf/blobs.tar.gz which other Mastodon admins can import with `tootctl emoji import blobs.tar.gz` -- to save uploading each one individually. (Only PNGs allowed, so not sure how to include the licence, I can take it down if this is an issue).

Spent the day in cozy utility coveralls and replenished the firewood and lots of other little tasks. Some milling. Some electronics. Punching holes in an aluminum case for my mic amplifier. Replacing light switches. Hanging out with the dogs.

"fighting your oppressors makes you just as bad as them" - your oppressors

People think I'm good with computers because in 1996 I read "Sams Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours"

It's not just programming you can search your way out of! Recent DDG searches: "how to use Sta-bil", "size of Smart Fourtwo fuel tank" 👍 At this rate I might never need to internalize how to do _anything_ ...

Wasteland 3 is so good. I fired it up to test that it would work with my potato video card (GTX 750 represent) and then I clocked 12 hours over the last three days without even intending to :ms_shrug_y1:

@pho4cexa ^ just realised that my online self could be native to any timezone i choose. thanks for this!

took me wwaaaayyy longer than it should have to get screen -> iso metric grid coordinates working, i'm feeling like doing an Into gur Breach demake could be allot of fun and also make a lovely pocket chip game! (plus i've wanted to do some kind of iso metric game since Transistor Hades and Wonderful 101 kinda made me fall in love with what you can do with it)

Literally a guy with an Eastern European accent saying "remember to wear gloves so you don't get acid on you, and avoid accidental contact with the terminals to prevent shock" while he's not wearing gloves and still wearing a metal wedding ring. Absolute legend.

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Removed the battery from our Smart Fourtwo to charge it. It's in the passenger footwell. As always, thanks to some absolute lads on YouTube who are not following any safety precautions for showing me how to do car maintenance.

All of this is because the ER-16 collet holder I got for Christmas takes a metric draw bar, and my machine comes with a 1/4-20 one because it's American (despite the machine being "metric")

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@m455 I honestly would not even have the web interface and just push everyone to use pinafore.social -- I think it's such a pleasant way to browse fedi

Spent a fucking hour cutting an extra-long M6/1.0 bolt out of some aluminium and it's like 0.05mm too big and doesn't fit. Putting the gears for screw cutting on the lathe requires removing the motor, and I put everything back and now I have to do undo it all again. And I've lost my 30 tooth gear. Harrumph.

Just replayed Act IV and HATATE from Kentucky Route Zero and cried twice. Fuck me, this game is so amazing. Everyone who knows me is bored of me bringing it up.

I somehow must have missed lots of IV on my first play through because it was my first time doing some of those scenes. So well written.

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