@kindrobot Not in the area but I looked into doing this crossing earlier in the year (I was planning an epic trip from Ottawa to San Francisco that did not pan out) and the advice I got was to ring local taxi companies in Windsor.

In the before times it was just C$20 extra and the driver had to take their passport with them -- now that we have ArriveCAN on our side etc. I am not sure, but I'm sure the cab companies get this question a lot.

StatusCake tells me: Total Downtime: 196:51:12

97% availability this year. A nine!

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I wrote up a thing about continuing to host from my basement even though ttw was down for over a week: insom.me.uk/2022/05/29/outage.

(although I _will_ be getting solar panels and have already ordered a larger battery backup).

Power is out where I am, so tiny.tilde.website will be taking a nap soon, when the UPS runs out. 👋

@selfsame I regret to inform myself that searching for "Deliverator" shows that the first pages of Snow Crash have been Torment Nexused already.

@nihilazo congratulations! As someone who stalled out after "Hexagon" I can appreciate how hard this was :ms_clap_clw_g4:

@selfsame always wanted to grow up to be a Deliverator, tbqh

@d6 just received this one, so cleaning to start with but the main board looks irreparable so perhaps drive the CRT with something else? Otherwise it'll get cleaned up and just be a nice piece for the house, but I'd rather it do _some_ kind of work than be an object of art.

@nihilazo It arrived! It's full of rust, the lithium ion battery has eaten the motherboard and a really done a number on the case. The case should be salvageable (good) maybe the analogue board, definitely not the main board. I guess I'll pass the SCSI drive + RAM expansion (which look okay but I can't test them) on to some other vintage nerds who can use them.

@nihilazo haha :ms_sweat_smile: it me. I have a bargain broken Classic Mac on its way to me by courier but no ADB anything (I had an SE/30 back when they were just passed being cool the first time). Low-key hoping it's not easily fixed so I can use the case (and maybe CRT/analog board). If it's salvageable then I'm going to have a dilemma.

Self care tip: take some time to enjoy the schadenfreude of the NFT market collapsing

@eli_oat Found sfeed through you and I think it's the RSS-thing I've been looking for. Thanks!

I made this PCB vise out of some ground steel rod I already had and spare 3D printer pieces.

I cut a groove into both of those aluminium castings with a mill (which holds the board) and drilled and tapped into part of an old dumbbell for weight.

Adjusting the vise means having to use a 3mm hex wrench, but I have those on my workbench so this is no big deal.

Pleased to get some lightweight metalwork done.

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