Heading to Mont Tremblant (Quebec) and later this week, New York.

I wish I enjoyed travel more because I have an objectively privileged life in this regard but I really don't enjoy it. (Even worse: NY is by plane, so heavy carbon footprint and I'll spend the trip in mortal terror).

@selfsame shitpost aside, I need this. Especially useful to remind myself not to fall down rabbit holes.

- Don't try and get Windows 3.11 running on anything
- Don't install Haiku
- Don't try and build another 3D printer
- Don't romanticize CRT oscilloscopes: they sucked

So we have a better search now. It says the import finished. I am suspicious because it doesn't include @selfsame's latest toot using the phrase "what if" ...

@cpb what sucks about pinboard? (I use pinboard, but not religiously)

Third day of indexing, there is no Dana, there is only swapping the JVM and `bundle exec` in and out of RAM -- for eternity

It failed with an out-of-memory error. I'm going to add some swap because I don't think I can change the instance type of the VM without recreating the whole thing. 🔦

@kingcons Almost everything is built from a kit, except the Pico Voice and there's a Disting you can't see. The power supply on the far right of my bottom case is fully DIY to my own design. It's a rat's nest internally, but a laser cut panel hides that well :ms_grinning:

A great deal of soldering and some hardware debugging went into building the Hades synth kit: insom.github.io/journal/2018/0

Which just makes me like using my modules even more, I think. The IKEA effect.

"Ribbon cable poking out the side ofa case" is such an 80's computer aesthetic thing. I think that 50% of my interest in modular synths is music making and the other 50% is the pure joy of wires and flashing lights. I'm not even joking.

Cheering for the 4CPU VM that ttw runs on. You can do it, little fella!

And it's in, and we're doing the initial indexing

About to restart ttw with Elasticsearch enabled so grab something

@selfsame @eft It's a very small amount of work, and I've worked to reduce Masto's RAM footprint (as have the core devs) so I think we probably have reasonable room for it, now.

I'll do it an experiment, today, it can always be turned off if it sucks.

@selfsame @eft also also I don't have Elasticsearch enabled on this instance so the search is even more basic. It's quite a big JVM instance to run for this feature and when it was added I polled the locals on TTW about if we wanted it enabled. I am willing to reconsider, if it would be more useful though!

`sudo apt install maven` wow today just got significantly worse

I thought about replacing my QPsmtpd install (Perl) with a more modern Haraka (Node) and then I realised it wouldn't make anything any better and it would be a bunch of woe and pain, and at the end all I can say is "it's not in Perl" and "it's newer".

So, I think that this counts as personal growth.

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