@severak It's a cheap 5" waveshare display and yes the keyboard is self made and hand wired (not into a PCB).

Fighting the "It all has already been done!"-feeling by screaming into the void: "But not by meeee!"

If Karl Marx were alive today he’d probably think “holy shit I’m 202 years old wtf”.

if i were the market, i would simply solve all problems, perfectly, with an invisible hand

@selfsame the best part about this is how you will be adding to the conversation. Thank you in advance!

I prefer reading on paper and I was glad to find out that Lulu still prints “Introduction to OS Abstractions Using Plan 9 from Bell Labs”

Man it's been a weird day.

I even spent an hour or two emulating a System 7 and System 8 Macintosh. Cobbled together a terminal-only Pi set up to run on batteries. Used Kristall on Haiku to read Gemini posts. Now I'm back looking at Plan 9.

I blame it all on you: fediverse bad influences.

Just tried the 9til.de bbs (`nc 9til.de 999`) and it's kind of small and pleasant ❤️ (I mean, it's no `bbj` -- but its minimal source is interesting too -- code.9front.org/hg/9bbs/file/d )

Here comes a new BBS:

telnet 9til.de 999

Running 9bbs on 9front, come say hi!

I have most of the parts in my junk pile, is it time to give in and make a cyberdeck that I completely do not need?

@magical adds line numbers. It _is_ a lot of plugins, but I don't really use an IDE unless I'm writing Java or some big code base so I really like having a richer vim experience. It's definitely not stripped back.

❤️ Emacs too, fwiw, but it's not what I reach for when editing a config file on a machine with a 500 MIPS processor

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Nothing reminds you of cruft in your ~/.vimrc like running it on an original Raspberry Pi. I realised that there was a bunch of _large_ vim packages that I never use, that overlapped or that I never even properly configured. github.com/insom/dotfiles/comm

All of this contributed to a multi-second load time for vim. What is this? Emacs?!?

@honkfestival five months later: it was good! I don't think it will age well, because it's very "of" 2016-to-2019. I would recommend it but I put it down for months because the world it was written in and the world we're living during lockdown felt acutely different and it was kind-of upsetting.

@gamehawk @tildetown on re-reading my post it looks like I'm trying imply anonymity improves diversity (the name of the podcast is confusing things here) -- but on the episode they're really just talking about how anonymity used to be a creative force, rather than how it made them feel more included or among peers. My wife's experience (as an early 90's internetter) sounds exactly like yours, when the male username she wanted was taken she chose a neutral one to not give away her gender.

"There are No Girls on the Internet" seems like a pretty tilde-feels relevant podcast -- iheart.com/podcast/1119-there- -- things felt really wide open when anonymity on the Internet was _positive_ thing (which it is so frequently _not_, now).

One thing that I think helps make @tildetown (and other tildes) great is that you're just represented by a username.

You're not asked to fill in your real name, or upload an avatar picture. Just going by your Unix username is a kind of ~90's pseudonym.

@jumblesale they don't have those here, people operate on the honour system. It's tempting to take a dozen and make shopping cart nest, like Smaug but at Walmart

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