number 6: doesn't loop and it's nearly December edition. Third upload, because even basic mastering is beyond me and clipping. Played live on Circuit over a programmed Volca Beat ... beat.

Found the source of the smell of burning plastic in my basement.

number 5 -- November 13th Edition -- in which our protagonist discovers side-chain compression. (Also this is my first one that actually loops).

number 4. time got away. (subtitle: i have a $30 reverb pedal that I love)

4th Oct (Reaper Chord Gun, SC-88VL for Piano, Pico Voice for bloops)

day 2, whisp (wisp) -- I thought it'd be good to practice clouds, but then I wondered what a whisp is supposed to look like. still wet.

You can not add audio and pictures to the same post in Mastodon, TIL. Here's my mech.

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First attempt, using whatever patch I left my synth at and a drum pattern I wrote and forgot about.

-- some fishes. This is the salmon from the back of the old Irish 10 pence coin.

_Finally_ -- clearing out a piece of furniture bought at a yard sale. Floppies! I can't remember how long it's been since I last held one in person. Two decades?

(I'm dumping my camera roll on you all). Bought a Polaroid camera, it had a film pack installed, with 7 exposures left. So, obviously, I took 7 pictures of my ugly kitchen. Light leaks and expired chemicals makes them kind of unusual.

This broken phone in the vestibule outside a restaurant made me nostalgic.

My little computer is coming on well. My youngest has designed brackets for 3.5" HDDs to fit in, I'm printing some cable tidying stuff from the back -- just need to make up a power cable (12v to 5.5/2.5mm barrel) and this project will be nearly done!

This is the kind of thing that makes having a 3D printer worthwhile. I need a doohicky to connect one thing to another and I can make it.

This is just a U shape with three holes and a 1/4-20 tripod nut -- but it also only took like 30m from idea to physical item.

I have most of the parts in my junk pile, is it time to give in and make a cyberdeck that I completely do not need?

At some point in 2015 it looks like I tried to write a static site generator in Racket and the tool I turned to was quasi-quoting. I kind-of don't remember this. It's nice to keep a home directory around for a long time, and create an accidental archive.

I try not to get sniped into retrocomputing too much -- it can be a huge time sink I think I will enjoy but often don't. However, it was so easy to get the new Haiku running that I think I might make this VM the place I gopher/gemini and from.

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