I have most of the parts in my junk pile, is it time to give in and make a cyberdeck that I completely do not need?

At some point in 2015 it looks like I tried to write a static site generator in Racket and the tool I turned to was quasi-quoting. I kind-of don't remember this. It's nice to keep a home directory around for a long time, and create an accidental archive.

I try not to get sniped into retrocomputing too much -- it can be a huge time sink I think I will enjoy but often don't. However, it was so easy to get the new Haiku running that I think I might make this VM the place I gopher/gemini and tilde.town from.

Some drums, some chopped up samples, piano and a Juno 6 sound. Really, it's just about getting into the habit, again.

That day arrived and I have populated one board and sandwiched it between two others until I make a case. Not bad!

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This is the most complex sewing I've done in my life. (Yes, it's a series of rectangles, sorry).

Well, while ignoring the news as much as possible and staying indoors I've finally gotten around to designing a Eurorack PSU that I like. One day, some day, it will come from Oregon to Ottawa to be populated.

So we have a better search now. It says the import finished. I am suspicious because it doesn't include @selfsame's latest toot using the phrase "what if" ...

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"Ribbon cable poking out the side ofa case" is such an 80's computer aesthetic thing. I think that 50% of my interest in modular synths is music making and the other 50% is the pure joy of wires and flashing lights. I'm not even joking.

Cheering for the 4CPU VM that ttw runs on. You can do it, little fella!

Well, Mastodon 3.0 is about to make being an admin more exciting.

Made a replacement KeySmart on the CNC. One side is hit with 800 grit sandpaper, the other straight from the router.

Helen bought me this lovely print from her craft fair (directly printed on plywood)

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