Helen bought me this lovely print from her craft fair (directly printed on plywood)

I'm at the shawarma place, I'm at the Burger King, I'm at the combination shawarma place and Burger King

My wife got a stash of 12AU7 and other tubes (valves), so I built a mono amplifier to test them out. Unfortunately testing is slow as I get distracted by music I like every time I test.

Thank you @vilmibm for the tiny pirate kingdom where you made us all guests.

(Image is Paul Ford in Wired talking about tilde.club)

The local Starbucks is not ready for my laser cut tiny computer aesthetic.

These folks better get a move on, it's bad luck to still have your Christmas decs up on May Day.

Set up this thrift store find double cassette deck and recording some tunes from the Internet archive to tape. I think this is the start of a developing a retro problem.

Oh well. That would have been too perfect. I think I might have a newer (but still 16bit) mIRC to try out.

Windows 3.11 feels.


I spent the 90's raging against Microsoft and being a massive Linux and BSD zealot. I don't think I was _wrong_ or anything, but I wasn't totally prepared for the feelings bringing up a Windows 3.11 instance on the Internet was going to have.

Windows 3.11 was s pretty consistent experience. It was with Windows 95 that GUI designers really started being creative / ignoring all the HCI guidelines.

I laser cut this new grille for an old Studiotone Toronto speaker from the 70's. Pretty happy so far. GIMP and Inkscape though the original tiling pattern wasn't mine. (It still took clean up to be useful for this purpose).

These were added on different days, not sure if I'm in a weird loop or culture is or one or more of us is being manipulated by The Algorithm

We had over a million entries in our sidekiq queue here on tiny.tilde.website and ... 5 workers popping stuff off.

This has caused a lot of federation delay, and many many of these jobs are duplicates and retries. I nuked the queue and started over. This can lead to some desync between fediverse instances -- I don't really have a good fix for that, but I don't have a lot of confidence we were going to catch up on that queue at any reasonable rate.

I installed Mosaic just to get an authentic but still good GUI. It took a little finagling to get it to build (some files are missing from the zip, libpng's API seems to have changed a little relative to the latest version of the port).


Hey friendos! Ottawa Processing Day 2019 is over, which means my talk is done, which means I can experience joy again instead of just anxiety about giving my talk.

@tildetown got called out heavily, and especially @curio (for botany).

Please find attached this image of the Tilde Town Time Service that ran back in November 2017.

It's really more of an artists rendition - as it was created post-facto - but I actually built a working speaker amplifier on breadboard for authenticity reasons.

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