My current personal laptop is a liberated Chromebook running regular Ubuntu 21.04, folded back with a nice bluetooth keyboard and a trackball. ngl it's making me happy to use it. A change is as good as a rest.

My input devices :ms_black_heart: they are forcing me to go slow to save my wrists

Mildly suggestive test image 

Same, on a 1970's Tektronix scope. If anything the image is -more- stable on this one, although in person it wobbles like there is some stray capacitance somewhere.

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Mildly suggestive test image 

Used my Raspberry Pi Pico to make a 256x256 raster display that works with the XY mode of an analog scope. One of those things I knew how to do in theory but that was a few pleasant hours of wiring and debugging to make work for real.

The version with a Z output (for intensity) refreshes at 100Hz.

number 7, january 2021 and still not giving up until i do 31 edition.

Me: Retrocomputing is a useless impulse to rage against the complexity of modern computing by throwing the good away with the bad.

Also me:

Running Motif WM on my workbench Raspberry Pi while I write an image for a _different_ Pi.

Browsing Gemini in Agena from a 7 year-old phone with my bluetooth keyboard. Like a low-effort cyberdeck, considering my set backs with my own design.

The little Mac Classic that my son modelled in TinkerCAD (and printed and painted) for my Christmas present.

Windows giving me individual progress bars and speed indicators for multiple copy operations to the same device is totally unnecessary and I love it. Look at the little lines go! Who will win?!?

number 6: doesn't loop and it's nearly December edition. Third upload, because even basic mastering is beyond me and clipping. Played live on Circuit over a programmed Volca Beat ... beat.

Found the source of the smell of burning plastic in my basement.

number 5 -- November 13th Edition -- in which our protagonist discovers side-chain compression. (Also this is my first one that actually loops).

number 4. time got away. (subtitle: i have a $30 reverb pedal that I love)

4th Oct (Reaper Chord Gun, SC-88VL for Piano, Pico Voice for bloops)

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