This bit of stitching turned out quite well, actually.

Made a little house for the router and switches and POE adaptors to live in, under the stairs.

It snowed for five minutes today so you know what that means?


(Also the brand is "BeaverCanoe" which is ... way up there in Canadian points)

*Slaps maple trees outside his house* These bad boys can fit so many bags of leaves in them.

The actual ROM looks patched too. What will I find?

I ordered it, and it has arrived. Behold: Pokémon Cock Version (you can see it in text at the top!)

Pretty neat that found my Patchwork SSB with literally no set up

We are dog sitting a friend's dog. Our lights turn on in the morning on a timer.

I came down to this at 6AM.

Music for a contemplative evening doing things to computers.

Orange is the new blue.

I'm swapping the Kailh Blues this board originally had with some Box Burned Orange switches. It is finger hurting work.

The lazy dog is for when I need to test it, later.

Finally actually made a part with this thing.

Doing kite ops with the most punk tool of them all: a sewing machine.

I refuse to let this watch strap give up. Rusted and worn, the clasp broke at YTZ. I have repaired it with a keyring for now, until I'm back at home with better tools.

Pikachu f'ing loves hanging at Young Israel of Ottawa.

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