I made this PCB vise out of some ground steel rod I already had and spare 3D printer pieces.

I cut a groove into both of those aluminium castings with a mill (which holds the board) and drilled and tapped into part of an old dumbbell for weight.

Adjusting the vise means having to use a 3mm hex wrench, but I have those on my workbench so this is no big deal.

Pleased to get some lightweight metalwork done.

I made this sheet metal box with hand tools -- I've never made anything out of sheet metal before, it took about 30 minutes using shears, a long brake, a finger brake, pop riveter and seamer.

Just learned enough Verilog to output a VGA signal from an FPGA board that's been sitting in a drawer for two years. This went from overwhelming to actually working in around 24 hours. I'm chuffed.


✊ This box of Two Scoop was made around a week after the BCTGM Union's successful strike.

Fun things in the post today: Gritty / Subism screen print and stickers from Today in Tabs (which is good and you should read).


Made this leather sheath for my railway spike multi-tool (it's a bad hammer, a bad pry bar and a bad bottle opener).

Having a camera phone is such a boon when working on electronics. I was shortening the USB lead on this mouse and took a photo to remind me what order the wires were in.

Then I dropped the mouse off the table and bits of rotary encoder and spring came loose and I had no idea how they should go back.

Good thing I _just_ took a photo and was able to piece it all back together!

Finally executed on the idea of an OpenGL shader that tints your whole X session amber. This way I can avoid buying an amber CRT from eBay that I do not actually need, just to tickle that nostalgia part of my brain and get it to leave me alone.

Shader gist is here: gist.github.com/insom/88c473a0

New hand-built ribbon mic, featuring a custom case I'm pretty proud of. (Also it sounds good).

My current personal laptop is a liberated Chromebook running regular Ubuntu 21.04, folded back with a nice bluetooth keyboard and a trackball. ngl it's making me happy to use it. A change is as good as a rest.

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