Whenever I think that rebuilding the Internet to be decentralised again seems impossible -- that we'd never get most people to care -- I remember that it was nerds who first switched to Firefox (over IE), then to Mac (over Windows), then to Chrome (over choices).

It was nerds who started using ad-blockers, who left MySpace for Twitter. For better or worse people's technology choices are fashion based and sometimes we set the fashions.

Let's make a free and open net the perceived cool outcome.

@insom There is that, though I can't help but think that they left even /larger/ monopolies in each place they found.

What is it that forms monopolies, and how might they be either prevented or de-fanged?

@dredmorbius That is a good point! Maybe not FF vs. IE, but yes, those of us who evangelised one platform over another have sometimes come to find the thing that we wanted people to use is a garbage fire for other reasons, and now people are happy there and _we_ are not.

I got my wife into Twitter because I felt Facebook was an awful walled garden and, at the time, Twitter was open, had a freely useable API, wasn't yet dominated by celebrity and toxic politics.

@dredmorbius Now I find myself suggesting alternatives to Twitter and she remembers me being such an evangelist for it before (when the comparison was to Facebook, and when Twitter was less awful). Not got good answers to this stuff, other than I hope to make better decisions in future and not just hope that a centralised service will stay good.

Also I think moving is the natural course of things. There's no end state for human communication.

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