Upgrade complete: ttw is on 3.5.3+glitchsoc and it's on a 6th generator Intel NUC server drawing around 9W and occupying about 800mL of volume. Thanks for your patience, as always.


lol fuck.

I cross-graded back to mainline Mastodon didn't I? fuck fuckity fuck.

"Compile Ruby from scratch in my Dockerfile? Don't mind if I do!"

Well we're finally back on +glitchsoc -- with an unusual exciting part as I mixed in Docker networking breakage with literally running the wrong version of the software.

If you see something: say something. Only _you_ can prevent infrastructure bugs (that I don't notice)

@insom was going to say the elephant stopped glitching when i clicked on it haha

@selfsame we just need to wait for the slowest `docker build` I've seen outside of $WORK to finish and we'll be golden again ...

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