@tinyrabbit I enjoyed your 90% uptime post on your gemlog! I host a bunch of stuff from home for similar reasons (including a mastodon instance).

I did the math on power consumption and decided to move backups to Amazon S3 (out of my house) /but/ I moved my compute from VPS to my basement because Ontario's power is only 33% fossil fuel and I'd rather use that power than dirty power + carbon offsets that most VPS providers run on.

@insom thank you! The carbon footprint is a reason for hosting at home for me as well, since my provider uses 100% hydro, wind, and sun. No datacenter can beat that. I think it’s a wise thing to consider for us hobby sysadmins 🙂

I still don’t have an offsite backup solution, because I don’t want to go the datacenter way there either. It’s something I fret a bit about. Data loss hurts. I’d consider Amazon a better solution than none at all for that.

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