The new Mastodon (3.4.1) lets me see other instances that ttw isn't federating with, either due to temporary or (presumed) permanent problems.

And in the four years since this started, there's been a _lot_ of instances lost :blobsad:

My initial reaction was driven by fear: how can I prevent this? I have backups and snapshots, but I'm the only person with access to anything. I could use ssss to share a password between several people I trust, or deputize someone ...

I was even thinking about putting some money -- enough for server fees for a year or two -- into a non profit org and transferring ttw to that.

In the end, I think the right way for me to think about it is that communities are _not_ permanent, they are more than the servers and the AWS accounts or whatever -- some of those instances lost data, some had instance drama, some had admins who just went "fuck it" and some just didn't survive in the cambrian explosion of social networking.

And that's okay. We don't need a permanent archive of everything. I like this instance, but if something happens to me -- honestly it's way down on the list of things that I need to care for. And it's just an instance. Hopefully everyone on here would find some new place and reconnect with their friends. Some people might never make that leap. Sometimes that's how communities lose people. That has to be okay, too.

When shutdown, most of the regulars from there had moved to already -- but I still felt that maybe some old-timer who had gone away for a months and come back would not know, and we'd lose them to the community forever.

Then I didn't log on to for weeks, then months, then years, and finally it's now gone -- given that its whole community effectively migrated away, it must have just been a burden for the admins.

I think Facebook and other modern social networking has given me as "gotta catch em all" philosophy. It's so easy to "collect" all the people I've know in life; on Twitter, on LinkedIn and on Facebook -- back when I used it -- but I wasn't doing any of the work to maintain those relationships.

When I left FB I thought I'd lose touch with some of those people forever. I probably have. Is it so bad that I no longer know how to contact someone from my primary school I haven't spoke to in 30 years?

@insom saaame. i miss a handful of them

but if i really missed them so much i'd make time for a real email or phone conversation

i'd make time to build a facebook alternative they might use

if they really missed me they'd make a tiny effort to recognize how bad facebook is

and even if zuck were both human and nice, and facebook were a non profit, communicating with those old friends would still not be worth the insufferable ads, bad takes, unexamined political opinions, toxic family

@insom it is okay and you're the best for hosting ttw all this time

if ever you feel like it needs to go away for whatever reason, don't let thoughts of us poor users make you carry a burden

people change homes and jobs throughout life, they can change social networks too

it's probably healthier even

it would be nice to be able to grab a last archive when the time comes but that's... more than we've ever paid for or should expect, you know?

that said i really like it and hope it continues

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