My current personal laptop is a liberated Chromebook running regular Ubuntu 21.04, folded back with a nice bluetooth keyboard and a trackball. ngl it's making me happy to use it. A change is as good as a rest.


The duct tape is not an aesthetic choice (or at least, it's not _just_ an aesthetic choice). This thing was water damaged and came with broken hinges and a busted case. Tape, glue and soldering a new power connector brought it back to usable life. That feels good too. Buying someone's former e-waste and doing it back up. I'd repeat the experience but ... well I don't need another computer.

@insom for extra brag rights post how much you paid and its specs (actually i'm just curious)

@pho4cexa :shrugfire: I paid US$30 (plus at least the same again in shipping and import duties). It's an Acer R11, with 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC and a quad-core Celeron N3150.

tbh I don't mind boasting if it was something I did and not just ... some expensive thing I bought etc.

@insom but it was a thing you did...? bought a normally expensive device broken for cheap and fixed it up, i mean

(confident, too, if you're willing to spend that much on something that might end up being unrepairable (irreparable?) (unfixable?))


@pho4cexa sorry, probably my over-reaction to the phrase 'bragging rights' -- growing up Irish and Catholic meant bragging is a bad thing (tbh: often true!) -- but now I see you didn't mean it in a bad way ...

@insom oh! heck no! i thought it was great! and i misinterpreted your response too lol

anyway great job :)

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