Distribution Religion by Dan Sandin (1978).

Instructions on how to build a modular video synthesizer.

Read the first three pages of this and tell me it's not a hippy alternate history free [soft/hard]ware licence.

Then just enjoy the literally cut, copied and pasted hand annotated document until you've had your fill.

"Put in your own method of returning energy to me here"

@insom wait I said this a joke and then saw your other post, this is cool as hell

@insom #analogComputing
upthread: alternative history analog modular video synthesizer

@insom what a beast! i remember reading about this in computer lib / dream machines. i wonder how old the origins of copyleft & free culture licensing goes

you happen to see those scanimate videos that made the rounds on youtube a few years ago?

@djsundog @ajroach42 well then you might also be interested in this archive of material manipulated with it including a talk demonstrating and explaining it from (presumably) the late 70's

@djsundog @ajroach42 Kentucky Route Zero sent me down this rabbit hole. Infinity good comes from digging into the references in that game 😁

@insom if @ajroach42 isn't building one before the close of this calendar year I'll eat my virtual hat.

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