That was the UPS going in, Statuscake reckons 9 minutes of down time or, as we say in industry: one nine.

@insom i lol'd, then i had to double check because i wasn't completely sure, then i lol'd again because you tricked me into doing math

or as we say in industry, five nines

@pho4cexa I really like this website for saving me from math. 21 hours a month, I can live within those means ...

@insom well, actually, 🤓

"one nine" is a 90% uptime sla

5 nines 99.999%
4 nines 99.99%
3 nines 99.9%
2 nines 99%

for n nines,
uptime ratio = 1 - 10^(-n)

a 9% uptime sla would be 0.041 nines

waaaaait a minute
you tricked me into doing math again!

@insom (9% uptime means you can have 21 hours per *day* of downtime)

(which would be interesting and nostalgic, we'd have to all "tune in" to ttw at the same time like we're back in the paleolithic and it's a "broadcast" "television" "show")

@pho4cexa @insom honestly though one nine should be enough for anyone. leave a couple hours a day for net mail transfers and maintenance. even Bourbon Street in New Orleans gets hosed off once every 24 hours.

@djsundog @insom i know right! how many of the greatest advances in science and engineering happened due not to bountiful resources, but uncomfortable constraints?

if something forced most network services to be limited to 3 hours per day there'd be some wild and clever innovations in efficiency for sure

@pho4cexa @djsundog @insom
That would do wonders for developing local first networks!

@dorian @pho4cexa @djsundog Bring back Zone Mail Hour! -- I wonder how an intentional "store and forward" ActivityPub implementation would work?

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