So wild to think that Smalltalk expected you to ship the whole runtime image environment to users. How impractical!

Anyway, if anyone needs me I'll be downloading an complete tarred up Linux machine from Docker Hub so that I can run a WordPress Blog.

@insom I’m probably never gonna use Docker but OTOH if it does make it easier for people to blog or host then that’d be a good thing.

@insom Just compile your Smalltalk image into Javascript and ship it out together with E(le)ctron

@epi I work for a publicly traded web company so I have lost the ability to tell if this is satire or something we would actually do.

@insom And remember when everyone constantly lampooned emacs for being hopelessly huge and memory hungry? :) Moore's law absolves many sins :)

@insom Elixir & Erlang still do this. You build a "release", which is a tarball with the runtime and your app inside.

@insom :) I'm a Docker addict nowadays. Once cached, whole system images become trivial.

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