Nothing reminds you of cruft in your ~/.vimrc like running it on an original Raspberry Pi. I realised that there was a bunch of _large_ vim packages that I never use, that overlapped or that I never even properly configured.

All of this contributed to a multi-second load time for vim. What is this? Emacs?!?

❤️ Emacs too, fwiw, but it's not what I reach for when editing a config file on a machine with a 500 MIPS processor

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@insom yikes that's a lot of plugins. what does `set nu` do?

@magical adds line numbers. It _is_ a lot of plugins, but I don't really use an IDE unless I'm writing Java or some big code base so I really like having a richer vim experience. It's definitely not stripped back.

@insom ah, I think I have that enabled too. I always use long option names in my vimrc so I can remember what they are 6 months later, haha

@insom fwiw, the built-in vim plugin manager that comes in vim 8 lets you configure which plugins to load at startup and which to manually load with :packadd <plugin-name>

so i’ve separated the weird plugins that require java binaries from the everyday ones and my vim is super fast now! i like the built-in plugin manager a lot and the next time you spring-clean i would recommend checking it out!

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