@pho4cexa no idea. World Hemophilia Day? Or is it a reference to Matthew 4:17 -- “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”?

@insom no no 3 days from 4/17 is 4/20, the funny weed number, often juxtaposed with the funny sex number

@pho4cexa Oh 😅 I literally have lost track of time and dates so completely that I thought it might have been 14th today and 17th in 3 days time and thought there was some reference I was missing. 420, I get.

@joe I was extremely sleep deprived fixing computers in the middle of the night for $WORK but also browsing AliExpress for impulsive shopping. And it all ended happily.

@insom i get the IRL but what do the G and S stand for?

@robey It's to show my love of the Beastie Boys song from 1987's seminal "Licensed to Ill".

@insom oh that beats my other guess, which was that someone misspelled grits three times

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