@m455b mate I'm ready to go back on my Scuttlebutt bullshit -- what pub are you on? Nothing I am following seems to be within two hops of you -- it's ~lonely~ out here

@m455b It all flooded in after I followed a few more pubs. Maybe that helped or at maybe I just needed patience

@insom hmm since i don't remember which pub I joined, which pub did you join initially? i'll try joining it. I'm wondering if following pubs isn't enough (even though I thought that's one of the points of them, to connect long and far people to each other). maybe i need to connect to the pub that bootstraps you to other pubs and then it will work lol.

don't even know if i'm using the term bootstrap right lol

@m455b I think we're able to see each other again. I just ended up joining _every_ pub that is open right now, which seems like not the intended behavior

@insom hahaha okay good that's what I did too lmao. I'll check it later tonight

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