About to restart ttw with Elasticsearch enabled so grab something

And it's in, and we're doing the initial indexing

It failed with an out-of-memory error. I'm going to add some swap because I don't think I can change the instance type of the VM without recreating the whole thing. 🔦


Third day of indexing, there is no Dana, there is only swapping the JVM and `bundle exec` in and out of RAM -- for eternity

So we have a better search now. It says the import finished. I am suspicious because it doesn't include @selfsame's latest toot using the phrase "what if" ...

@insom @selfsame the only search results i get for selfsame are ones i've boosted

i had to dig for that "inject it into other peoples heads" toot by remembering that he said it just after the two sided duck

maybe "opt out of search engine indexing" also opts you out of other people's search results

@pho4cexa @insom yeah I only see third party results that I've interacted with

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