"Ribbon cable poking out the side ofa case" is such an 80's computer aesthetic thing. I think that 50% of my interest in modular synths is music making and the other 50% is the pure joy of wires and flashing lights. I'm not even joking.

@insom I 100% agree. The most "80s computer kid" aesthetic going. Have you DIY-d some of your modules? I see some Erica synths. Their delay is great and I know they do some kits. I think I want to learn soldering this year...

@kingcons Almost everything is built from a kit, except the Pico Voice and there's a Disting you can't see. The power supply on the far right of my bottom case is fully DIY to my own design. It's a rat's nest internally, but a laser cut panel hides that well :ms_grinning:

A great deal of soldering and some hardware debugging went into building the Hades synth kit:

Which just makes me like using my modules even more, I think. The IKEA effect.

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