Is searching limited by what mastodon instance you are on? It seems like I get less results on here than on .social or whatever and I’d like to find more people to follow

@eft believe it's limited to content this instance has actually fetched (for like accounts and hashtags) so yeah social. would have a lot more turn up

@selfsame @eft also also I don't have Elasticsearch enabled on this instance so the search is even more basic. It's quite a big JVM instance to run for this feature and when it was added I polled the locals on TTW about if we wanted it enabled. I am willing to reconsider, if it would be more useful though!

@insom @eft uhg i kind of want elastic search but not if it means an instance upgrade or extra admin work


@selfsame @eft It's a very small amount of work, and I've worked to reduce Masto's RAM footprint (as have the core devs) so I think we probably have reasonable room for it, now.

I'll do it an experiment, today, it can always be turned off if it sucks.

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