What is Hauntology and Why is it All Around Us?

Recommended viewing for people interested in the aesthetics of , the alternative future of the movement and @tildetown in particular.

Always remember to reject false progress.

@insom @tildetown

I grew up in the era when the testcards and aesthetics featured in the BBC video were very common (a modernised version of the BBC testcard is still used today!) and just a few days ago was tooting about how 1990s aesthetics will start to end up in the subculture

(I will join tilde one day when I work out how to deal with the SSH-key bit (I use Windows (alas), and would be using MobaXterm or Putty so need to know where to put my private key..

@tildetown @vfrmedia thanks! i'm on osx, though. and i actually do have a tilde account, i just don't use it a ton because using the command line is still difficult for me.

@xyzzy @vfrmedia oh, sorry, was intending to respond to the person who said they were on windows x_x

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