Hey friendos! Ottawa Processing Day 2019 is over, which means my talk is done, which means I can experience joy again instead of just anxiety about giving my talk.

@tildetown got called out heavily, and especially @curio (for botany).

Please find attached this image of the Tilde Town Time Service that ran back in November 2017.

It's really more of an artists rendition - as it was created post-facto - but I actually built a working speaker amplifier on breadboard for authenticity reasons.

@insom :) is there a recording of your talk? would love to see it!

@curio Sadly, it wasn't. This was a community event with ~45 people there. The slides are up here but they're missing a bit of context (I didn't just read out the text in the speaker's notes) --

@19hundreds It's the old tilde town speaking clock -- more specifically two laptops, one is broadcasting an MP3 stream, the other is outputting some text-to-speech. The microphone on the left is pointed at the speaker on the right (with a speaker amplifier circuit built up on the right, plugged into the audio out of the right-hand laptop).

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