When I browse Mastodon on my commute or when killing time on my phone, I think I must star every fifth or sixth post to read more about the topic later. Both because of technical limitations (phone) and personal ones (tired).

Then I periodically open up a kazillion tabs based on my faves and learn a tonne, then unstar things.

This is such a great network.

@insom oh WHAT, i never realized the favorites were supposed to be used like this.

we need a "boop" button tbh, something that says "i hear/acknowledge you" without any additional connotations. like i feel bad faving people's posts when they're really sad, and a lot of other things would just clutter up the idea of a list i intend to go back to.

@desvox I mean ... maybe they're not supposed to be used any way, this is a way I use them. I also fave things for "this is cool" or "I also agree or" "I believe in you" reasons. I can usually figure those out. For example, I have this @jumblesale post saved:

And it's not because I need to revisit its wisdom or research its links.

@insom join the pleroma network™ then, because pleroma is the answer to all the questions, my son:blobangel:

@lucy My language could have been clearer, I realise the fediverse is not just a network of Mastodon instances, but Mastodon is my interface to it

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