if python is so good how come there's no python 2?

Did you know that Gmail, Outlook, and many other Big email services think they can read your emails and sell them?

That's why were here to help find some safe alternatives!

1. Runbox
Site: runbox.com/

2. Migadu
Site: migadu.com/

3. Mailbox.org
Site: mailbox.org/

Credits to @sir for helping me on this one!

Hoped you enjoyed and Stay Safe!


"Those who didn’t live through or participate in the BBS era likely equate being online with hyper-connectedness, which feels more and more like a corporate-sponsored illusion every day. Those users missed out on the elemental intimacy of the BBS. It was messy, it was personal, and it was profound."


Docker and Electron are the most hyped new technologies of the last five years. Both are not about improving things, figuring out complexity or reducing it. Both are just compromised attempts to hide accumulated complexity from developers because it became impossible to deal with.

This is exactly why I hate using Docker.

I'm on Snopes today talking about the "DC blackout" trending topic across several social network sites. It seemed to me to be a fairly complex operation spreading disinformation on all sides of the topic, entirely meant to sow discord. I even interviewed some of the people who got swept up in it for my research.


Principles of UI, A Thread:
1. natural mapping
2. visibility of system state
3. discoverability
4. constraints and affordances
5. habits and spatial memory
6. locus of attention
7. no modes
8. fast feedback
9. do not cause harm to a user's data or through inaction allow user data to come to harm
10. prefer undo to confirmation boxes. For actions that can't be undone, force a "cooling off" period of at least 30 seconds.
11. measure using Fitt's, Hick's, GOMS, etc. but always test with real users.

One of the many tragedies of the modern social internet era is that Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice has fewer than 5 million views per year.


You can grab entries directly from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and print them to epub using Pandoc.

pandoc -o output.epub [url]

Very convenient for when you want to read a long entry.

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The Malleable Systems Collective is a new group that's launched just December 2019 and looks really exciting.

<< Modern computing is far too rigid. Applications can only function in preset ways determined by some far away team. Software is trapped in hermetically sealed silos and is rewritten many times over rather than recomposed.

This community catalogs and experiments with malleable software and systems that reset the balance of power>>


h/t @jfred

That day arrived and I have populated one board and sandwiched it between two others until I make a case. Not bad!

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