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enby extremism 

but what if everything is nonbinary though


it was like an 8.99 chicken and rice bowl with broccoli and stuff and it was pretty good despite being a little cold and now it's in my stomach ready for me to digest while i bike home and make dinner, have i mentioned i am a glutton

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(i am an extremely opportunistic trash picker, if i look at some food in the trash and it looks 'probably fine', i will take it out and eat it, because think about it, the stuff that's left behind probably didn't touch someone's mouth that much anyway, and also, it's food, i always need more food, i hate seeing food getting thrown out.)

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okay so there's definitely a stomach bug going around here that's taking out a bunch of people, and i've spent most of the day carefully washing my hands and drinking a lot of water, but then i saw a box of takeout that was the only thing in the trash can next to my office so i promptly removed it, ate most of it, then put it back, all without thinking about the consequences beyond 'i am hungry and also hate seeing food go to waste'.

hey can anyone help me with ? i downloaded the linux appimage and installed it from there, but i get this error then i try to launch it.

gripe about gendered language 

the well-meaning category "women and non-binary", ffs, just say "non-men" when that's what you mean?

(especially when a regular thing historically described as "for women" tack on "and non-binary" as an afterthought)

retroactively sorry for ruining every CRT in the house when i discovered that i could make them look funny with magnets when i was a kid

It's really important to let gender-questioning people know that you can just BE any gender you want, even if you're not particularly dysphoric. As long as you feel it would make you happier, then welcome to the trans party, friendo <3

firing up telnet to connect to a go server feels cybre as fuck, i'm so happy when there are actual legitimate telnet uses in twenty-nineteen


i have 25 pushups to go today hnnng i've felt sluggish all day

(cheerleading is welcome)

i am very charmed by the only two toots on the protonmail m.s account

2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer

(y'all are also welcome to use she/her pronouns for me if you're feeling it, that would not be an incorrect pronoun for me, i've just been leaning hella they/them these days)

@m455b haha this was a little awkward for me to write out because i'm deliberately just changing a pronoun but not my perception of your gender, words are weird

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also hey fam i'm gonna use she/her pronouns for @m455b with her permission for a bit just to see how she feels about it!!

also public service announcement that it is valid as fuck to be confused/experimental/exolorational with your gender, because that is a great way to understand yourself better

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