I used to publish books.

I mean, I guess I still publish books. But now it’s through lulu, etc.

I used to hand bind books. I’ve made a number of paperbacks and a few hardbacks.

It’s fun!

It’s hard work!

What is your favorite method of diy bookbinding?

At home book printing?


@ajroach42 i handbind all my sketchbooks and notebooks with paper torn out of previous unfinished books (which i often scavenge from art studio cleanup days)! usually kettle stitching for signatures, gluing old t shirts to cardstock for covers.

for zines, i do 5-hole pamphlet stitching usually; it's a lot more tedious than stapling but i like the look of it!

also i made this book a few years ago, still super proud of it modgethanc.com/shamal-book.htm

@ajroach42 since I'm at my house now! a few more samples; two pocket-sized daily journal/planner/whatever books with hardcover binding made from t-shirts and cardstock, a sketchbook with a paper bag cover, another sketchbook with a catalogue cover showing the five-hole pamphlet stitch. pretty much all reclaimed/scavenged materials, bound in hand without any special equipment. bookbinding doesn't have to be super fancy or stuff-heavy :)

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